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Wednesday, November 14, 2018

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Wherever you are in the world, whether your breakfast is bacon and eggs, or a smoothie, we all need something to kick start our day!

Follow us as we take you on a little breakfast tour and learn what the most important meal of the day looks like from country to country…




Hagelslag - sliced white bread spread with butter and chocolate sprinkles - is a staple Dutch breakfast! Giving chocolate to kids for breakfast seems like a bad idea, and yet it seems to be working well for the Dutch. Not only was Netherlands declared No. 1 in the world for having the most plentiful, nutritious, healthy and affordable diet by Oxfam but Dutch children also came out on top in a recent Unicef study as being the happiest all round!




One of the most well-known breakfasts would have to be that of ye olde England. The traditional English fry up of eggs, sausage, bacon, tomatoes, mushrooms, beans and toast has spread to become the standard for a full cooked breakfast around the world. Regional variants like a Scottish or Irish full breakfast can include white or black pudding.

The traditional English breakfast connoisseur might also add dishes such as baked halibut steaks or fried whiting (both fish), stewed figs, pheasant legs, collared tongue, kidneys on toast, pigs cheek and Melton pork pie to their spread!




When you think of an American breakfast you might think of sugary cereals, choc-chip muffins, bagels and waffles with maple syrup. The famous American cooked breakfast has taken the English version and added some sweet with homemade pancakes topped with syrup & blueberries.




Congee or Cháo (rice/ semolina porridge) with Chinese donuts is one of the most common meals in Vietnam for breakfast. Cháo can also be cooked with a variety of meats like chicken, duck, pork, eel or fish. A bowl of breakfast Cháo might also include more interesting combinations of pork intestine, sliced pork heart, stomach slivers and blood pudding.




Avocado toast or “Smashed Avo” is the brekkie of choice down under, especially revered amongst the health conscious millennial generation. Mashed up avocado, usually with chunky salt, pepper, lemon and perhaps feta, is served either alone on toast or with poached eggs and most often accompanied with Australia’s favourite coffee - a flat white. This laid back, nutritious Aussie breakfast has gained global popularity too showing up on menus in the trendiest cafes in from Brooklyn NY to Berlin and Paris.




The Acai Bowl is what breakfast dreams are made of! In the Northern region of Brazil, there is a dominance of Amazonian fruits - like the grapelike acai berry which has been a staple in the diet of the by local Brazilian inhabitants for thousands of years.

An Acai bowl look like and almost tastes like ice cream made by blending frozen açaí and other fruits such as passion fruit and banana sugar – much like a smoothie. The smooth and thick fruit mixture is then topped with oatmeal, granola, fruit or peanut butter.



Have you come across a breakfast on your travels that you really loved? And out of the options featured above - which would you enjoy most?? Let us know in the comments!



Wow - this blog is a very interesting read! Love it. The American breakfast is for me, love the sweet and savory mix.


We're so glad you enjoyed it! Oh yes.. American breakfast does look quite delicious with with plenty of fuel to take on the day!

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