5 Marevellous Christmas Treats

5 Marevellous Christmas Treats
Friday, December 18, 2015

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Feature image: rachaelallanah.com

If you’re out of ideas for your Christmas treats this year and don’t want to do the same old boring confections you do every year - you’re in luck!

We’ve made a list of our top 5 marvellous Christmas treat ideas that will help you create a confectionary platter that all your guests will admire. These treat ideas are a great excuse to play around in the kitchen and have some festive fun.

Showcase your creative flair with these Christmas delights:

1) Banana Santa Sticks

Image sourced from: cleanandscentsible.com

These banana skewered Christmas delights are absolutely adorable, and pretty healthy too – with a bit of chocolate Vermicelli sprinkles for the eyes, some red Smarties for the nose and strawberries with mini marshmallows for the hats  and you’re all set to have guests ‘ooohing and aaaahing’.

2) Yummy Gingerbread Christmas Treats

Image sourced from: munchkinmunchies.com

These little guys are just too cute not to make and besides what is Christmas without some sort of ‘biscuity’ delight? Gingerbread is a much-loved Christmas treat, so why not add this to your Christmas recipe book? You can get the recipe from Munchkin Munchies.

3) Strawberry Christmas Trees

Image sourced from missguided.co.uk

Using upside-down strawberries to help shape your Christmas trees is a pretty clever idea. Besides looking great, they also serve as a hidden treasure!

Whip out your favourite brownie recipe to use as the base and you’ll have all your guests grinning from ear to ear.

4) Melting Snowman Hot Chocolate

Image sourced from: keyingredient.com

This easy-to-make drink will be a hit with kids (and probably most adults too)!

Be creative and add some character to your marshmallows by drawing cute faces with some food décor pens (you can buy these on YuppieChef) and then float them on top of your whipped cream snow. This will be a Christmas delight that few will turn down.

5) Oreo Reindeer Pops

Image: ohnuts.com

All you have to do for these Christmas treats is wedge a cake pop stick between an Oreo and dunk it in chocolate. You can buy cake pop sticks online from Nicoletta or YuppiChef.

Don’t you just love how these cut-in-half pretzels make perfect horns? Simply genius!

With these delectable Christmas treat ideas, you should have all the inspiration you need to bake up a creative storm and blow your guests away with your ingenuity.


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