4 Quick And Easy Eats For Your Christmas Lunch

Monday, December 11, 2017

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Starting to feel a little overwhelmed by all the festive frenzy? Wondering how you’ll fit all your Christmas planning a preparation into your busy schedule?

Christmas can be a crazy time of year, and it’s even crazier when you’re hosting a Christmas Lunch. But not to fear! We’ve found some simple and tasty eats to help make your job as a host as stress free as possible.

So, make sure you spend less time in the kitchen and more time with your friends and family with these easy Christmas lunch eats.

Get Ready For A Festive Feast And Try These Wonderfully Tasty Eats

1.Watermelon Christmas Trees

Image: www.onehandedcooks.com.au

Take advantage of what’s in season and get creative with this clever Christmas Lunch idea. You can decorate your ‘trees’ with whatever you like, but if you’re not sure what to pair with watermelon, then try adding plain yoghurt to a piping bag and let your inner artist take over!

Bacon-Wrapped Pears

Image: www.bettycrocker.com

If you’re tired of making the same old eats every Christmas, then why not be a little adventurous and give this bacon-wrapped pear recipe a go? The sweet taste of the roasted pear works surprisingly well with the salty bacon!

Pine Cone Cheese Ball

Image: www.cdispatch.com

No Christmas lunch is complete without a cheese platter. And this deceptively simple pine cone cheese ball platter is sure to make a stunning centrepiece. You can easily recreate this idea with cream cheese and roasted almonds.

Caprese Skewers

Image: www.makingmine.com

Not prepared to spend hours chopping up ingredients to make the perfect salad? You might like this idea. Using only cherry tomatoes, basil leaves, mozzarella and balsamic vinegar, you can mix a touch of the Mediterranean into your festive flavour palette.

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