4 Creative Platter Ideas To Make Christmas Extra Special

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Thursday, December 8, 2016

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Is it your turn to host a Christmas lunch for your friends or family this year? If so, why not make this special occasion as memorable as possible with a Christmas platter that’s just as bright and colourful as your holiday décor?

Nothing sparks conversation better than an array of mouthwatering snacks, and the creative platter ideas we have for you will certainly be celebrated talking points. Whether quirky, sophisticated or exotic, our inspiring choice of Christmas platters are sure to suit your theme!


Amaze Your Guests With These Attractive Christmas Platters

A Tree Of Cheeses

Christmas platter with cheese

Image: www.kraftcanada.com

Now this Christmas platter idea is a treat for the eyes and the taste buds! But getting your cheese pairings right can be a little tricky, so if you need a little help, make sure you take a look at our blog on how to perfect your cheese platters.

Dark Chocolate Pairing Platter

creative platter ideas, dark chocolate

Image: www.whiteonricecouple.com

This exquisite dark chocolate platter allows you to discover vastly different pairings, which are guaranteed to make your palate tingle with delight! Grab that flavourful fruity wine you’ve been saving and pair it with the sweet-bitterness of a cherry infused dark chocolate, salty nuts, cheeses, or smoked cold meats.

A Platter Of Tropical Treats

creative platter ideas - tropical tree

Image: www.catchmyparty.com

If you're pulling out all the stops for your Christmas event, then this tropical fruit platter is a real head turner, its bright colours and refreshing fruits will lure your guests in to a feast of wonderful flavours.

Baked Brie And Blackberry Compote Christmas Platter

brie and blackberry Christmas Platter

Image: www.foolproofliving.com

Talk about irresistible! The gooey, cheesy goodness of the baked brie, combined with the crunch of the candied pecans is absolutely heavenly.  Surround the brie with a few crackers and your guests will immediately dive into this platter!

Choose from any one of these 4 creative platter ideas, and start preparing for a Christmas lunch that won’t disappoint!


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