The top 5 kitchen design ideas of 2015

Thursday, June 4, 2015

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With 2015 flying by, we’re amazed at the outstanding variety of kitchen trends that we’ve already been exposed to. After following all of the different styles one thing’s for sure, kitchens have become the heart of today’s homes. So it’s no wonder why this year’s kitchen design ideas are all about functionality, style and maximizing the space to its fullest. To help bring your kitchen into the 21st century we’ve put together our top 5 kitchen design ideas of 2015.  




1. Functionality is a key kitchen design idea: 

With all the nifty kitchen appliances designed to make our lives just a little bit easier, our kitchens are starting to become cluttered and we’re battling to find space. Therefore one of the key kitchen design ideas of 2015 is to plan your kitchen around functionality. For example, install functional cupboard drawers that fold up when required giving you extra counter space, and neatly tuck away back into the cupboard when finished. Or install multi-tiered drawers to maximize the space in your kitchen island.

2. The timeless Black and White colour palette: 

Kitchen design ideas may change and evolve, however the daring colour palette of a black and white kitchen remains a timeless option. 2015 is the year to make a statement and stand out in the crowd, what could be bolder than the high contrast of the timeless black and white kitchen.

3. Enjoy more space with the open-plan kitchen design idea: 

Over the past few years people have started to evolve from living in standalone houses to smaller homes in complexes and apartment blocks, looking for the comfort of security. But what we sometimes have to sacrifice are smaller less spacious kitchens. A wonderful kitchen design trend to alleviate this problem is to break down the non-essential walls and go open plan. This not only opens up your kitchen but it opens up your living room as well, creating a much larger space so you longer have to feel cramped in two small separate rooms.

4. Be bold with your fixtures: 

Don’t be scared to really push the boundaries in your kitchen design in 2015. Showcase your unique style by being bold with your fixtures and choosing ones that stand out and truly showcase your individual taste.

  1. 5.Kitchen design ideas for exquisite countertop materials: 

The 2015 Caeserstone colour palette has been launched and it’s specifically been designed to inspire. As one of the trendiest materials for kitchen countertops this year, you don’t want to miss out on their exclusive 2015 range. So check out the short clip above for a sneak peak. 

By taking these 5 kitchen design ideas into account when planning your stylish 21st century kitchen, you can enjoy the benefits of a functional room that has enough space for all of your nifty appliances and looks great. 

  •  Timeless Black and White colour palette

    Image sourced: Easylife Kitchens Edenvale

  • open-plan kitchen design idea

    Image sourced: Hollywood Kitchens

  • Functionality is a key kitchen design idea

    Image sourced: Coles kitchens

  • Be bold with your fixtures

    Image sourced: Joos

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