Stylish Wine Racks You’ll Want In Your Kitchen

Kitchen Wine Rack
Friday, June 10, 2016

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If you’re a wine connoisseur with a small kitchen and no space to showcase your prized collection of bottles, then we’ve got the perfect solution for you!

Wine racks are ideal for kitchens with limited space, and are often cost-effective and easy to make. They can also double up as decorative pieces that add an element of interest to your kitchen design.

So now that you have a solution to store your wine, you just need to decide on the kind of wine rack you want. We’ve gathered a few ideas to help you to make up your mind.

5 Kitchen Wine Rack Ideas For Those That Enjoy The Finer Things In Life

1. Can’t Keep In A Straight Line?


Spice things up a little with this zig-zag wine rack design! A rich burned-barn colour like this would work well in a kitchen with dark wood cabinets.

2. Keeping Record Of Your Wine Collection?


Good music and wine can create a really lively atmosphere, but who would have thought that creating a wine rack out of old records would bring such a fun and upbeat presence into the kitchen?

3. On The Fence About Your Wine Rack Design?


All you need to create this fence-like wine rack, is a few nails and some wood! This design shows that style doesn’t always have to come at a ridiculous price.

4. Feeling A Little Trunk?


If you’d like to create a rustic feel in your kitchen, then a wine rack like this would work really well as an addition to your design.

5. Want To ‘Give It Horns’ When It Comes To Your Wine Rack Design?


The great outdoors can be a little wild, but it can also get a little wild indoors – especially with this gorgeous wine rack.

Do any of these kitchen wine rack ideas strike your fancy? We’d love to know which ones you’d choose for your kitchen. Your opinion matters to us, so leave us a few words in the comment box below.


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