Small kitchen ideas to maximize the space

Small kitchen ideas
Thursday, May 28, 2015

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With complexes and apartment blocks becoming a new trend in South Africa, due to the security benefits that give us the comfort of feeling safe and secure, the amount of space we have in our kitchens has greatly reduced. Therefore we have to start thinking of different ideas for small kitchens to maximize the space. To help you become more efficient we have put together our top small kitchen ideas below.  

Small kitchen ideas to maximize the wall space

Once our kitchen cupboards are filled to the brim we start to clutter our countertops with excess cutlery and appliances, however sometimes we forget that there’s plenty of wall space that can still be used. Rather keep the countertops clear for prepping food and instead use hooks or shelves to hang up your pots, pans and utensils.  

  1. Instead of wasting space with big bulky knife blocks rather use a wall mounted knife rack.
  2. Pot racks are great space savers and actually look really nice. So hang your pots and pans from the ceiling or walls to ensure that they’re out of the way.
  3. Go open plan by breaking down unnecessary walls. This is a nice way to open up your kitchen, giving you a lot more space and also avoids the feeling of being cramped in a pokey kitchen.  
  4. Build your appliances into your kitchen cupboards to save space and avoid having them in the way. 

Use these small kitchen ideas to make the most of your cupboard space

The corners of your kitchen cupboards are generally wasted space, however if you plan this space properly you can maximize it to your benefit.

  1. Install a corner kitchen sink to really take advantage of the countertop and use the rest of the space for preparation.
  2. A popular way to maximize your corner cupboard space and ensure you can use every nook and cranny with ease is to install a lazy Susan.  

Use your kitchen island to its fullest with these small kitchen ideas

Installing a fixed or maneuverable island in your kitchen is a great way to create extra storage or preparation space.

  1. Cookbooks are generally big and can take up quite a bit of space. So rather build a middle shelf to store all of your cookbooks, and enjoy a clean and uncluttered countertop.
  2. Looking for a space to store your wine bottles? Install a wine rack into the side of your island to tuck them neatly out of the way.
  3. Give yourself additional cupboard space in your wall cupboards by integrating your stove top into a fixed kitchen island.

By applying a few of these simple small kitchen ideas, we can start to enjoy our time preparing meals a little more by feeling a lot more organised and a lot less cluttered. 


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