Oliver Tambo House

Friday, September 27, 2019

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The recently completed Oliver Tambo House campus contains the Head Office of the Department of Public Works KZN.

Located at the corner of Prince Alfred Street and Guttridge Street in the Pietermaritzburg CBD, a need arose to provide a multi storey parking garage and an auditorium for the office campus.

The Oliver Tambo House multi storey parking garage was designed to house 255 vehicles with the option of expanding the facility in the future. In keeping with green design principles, the existing brownfield parking lot formed the foot print for the new parking garage which incorporated the existing light weight canopies on the roof of the new parking garage. As the large building of 8600m² presents itself on 2 street frontages, the articulation of the street facades was important in visually scaling the building to the street. The entire parking garage is ventilated passively by an external skin of air bricks which serve to reduce solar heat gain and avoid the need for mechanical ventilation. These air bricks are framed in steel which is fixed to the concrete structure of the building. The air bricks were manufactured in a Salmon colour to blend with the red brick texture of the Victorian buildings of Pietermaritzburg.

The auditorium is designed as a precious container for people, richly finished in wood panelling. The new adjoining courtyard forms a key public space linking the street via an external stair to the auditorium and the Department of Public Works KZN campus. Windows placed strategically on the street façade of the courtyard look onto the adjoining Victorian buildings and into the well-known Alexandra Park Cricket Oval in the background.

The Oliver Tambo House parking garage, auditorium and courtyard form functional spaces along a public street that reinforces the idea of a city.

“The Oliver Tambo Project met the clients brief and achieved a good design standard resulting in the project receiving the South African Institute of Architects KZN Architectural Award. In terms of the kitchen and bathroom products specified, Franke has a long standing position as a market leader and their products have always met our expectation.  Our experience with Franke on this project was a single all-inclusive quality experience”.

Ismail Cassimjee, Professional Architect, ICA


Franke Products Installed:

Franke Products Installed:

  • STRX605 Waste Bin
  • STRx618 Soap Dispenser
  • STRX 672 Toilet Roll Holders
  • Quinline QLX 611 Sinks
  • 5lt Zip HydroBoil


For more information on Franke's product ranges visit www.franke.co.za.

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