Micah Kitchens Reveal What It Takes To Win The Franke SA Kitchen Trends Project

Micah Kitchens
Friday, September 15, 2017

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After exhibiting at Decorex Joburg for their first time ever this year, family-owned business, Micah Kitchens walked away with R10 000 worth of Franke SA products, as well as the coveted title of ‘Franke SA Joburg’s Kitchen Trends Winner’.

Adhering to the project’s ‘Simplicity in Design’ theme, the kitchen manufacturers competed against three top companies to design a kitchen that would not only impress the judges, but also showcase their unique style.

We caught up with Micah Kitchens General Manager, Matthew Dodd to find out what he had to say about his Kitchen Trends experience.


Micah Kitchens Walk Us Through Their Kitchen Trends Design Journey


Franke SA: Why did Micah Kitchens decide to participate in the Franke Kitchen Trends project?

Matthew Dodd: We felt it was a good way to showcase our design and style by being a part of something within the Decorex set up. We liked the idea of 4 different kitchen companies being given the same ‘recipe’ and were excited about the challenge to see what we could come up with.

Franke SA: How did Micah Kitchens prepare for the Franke SA kitchen trends project?

Matthew Dodd: From design to sourcing of products, decorating and manufacturing, Micah Kitchens started the journey in February 2017 already, pre-building our exact show stand in our factory allowing us the opportunity to iron out any small details, making sure everything looked and felt just right. In preparation for the Franke Project, we knew everything was perfect before dismantling the show stand kitchen, ready to install at the Decorex Joburg show.

Franke SA: How long did it take to set up the kitchen design at Decorex and who was involved in this setup process?

Matthew Dodd: The bulk of the main structure was built in 2 days, with the help of our factory manager, Didi van Wyk and one of our top installers Raymond Wilson. With the remaining 2 days allowed for build-up, tying up loose ends and perfecting the overall look.

Franke SA: How did your winning design adhere to the ‘Simplicity in Design’ theme?

Matthew Dodd: As the name suggests, the design was simple. Variants in heights and depth of units created an interest to the kitchen, while incorporating different colours and thicknesses of Caesarstone allowed for a more striking look. While being a practical kitchen, it still had a huge element of design and style.

Franke SA: Do you have any kitchen design tips for our Make it Wonderful fans?

Matthew Dodd: The kitchen has become more than just a room in your house to prepare food in, it has grown into a room that families and friends socialize in, and has become an extension to your living or entertainment space. There are no rules in today’s kitchens of what is right or wrong in terms of style, as long as the key elements are there, the kitchen can be whatever you dream it to be.

Franke SA: Which Franke SA product did you use in your winning design, and why did you choose this specific product?

Matthew Dodd: Micah Kitchens used the KBG 110-340 undermount Onyx sink due to it blending in so naturally with our overall colour scheme. We paired this with the Mirus professional tap which in itself is a great design, complementing the sink and our kitchen design perfectly.


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