Liven Up Your Pantry With These Inspiring Ideas

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

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Although Pantries are often used solely for the purpose of storage, they don’t have to be limited to that. Just because your Pantry may be hidden away in the corner of your kitchen, does not mean you have to neglect its appearance!


Let us show you how to store your food and utensils in style with a few great Pantry decor ideas:

Impress with Distressed Doors


Going for that old farmyard or rustic look? Enhance this laid-back atmosphere by adding in a distressed Pantry door. You can show off your creativity here by hanging up some attractive signage and lighting.

Simply Slide



If you don’t want the contents of your Pantry exposed to the world, why not add on a sliding door? We love how this sliding door not only serves to conceal the Pantry but also livens up the kitchen space. Chalkboard paint and exposed brick compliment each other so nicely here! Don’t you just love the idea of chalking-up your grocery list onto your Pantry door?

Private Pantry


Bring a bit of mystery into your kitchen by building a private Pantry. Keep your secret food stash hidden in style, with this refined look. Making your Pantry blend into your kitchen cupboard design takes some forethought, but the sophistication it brings to your kitchen is completely worth it.

Cupboard Love


Are you itching to revive your outdated kitchen with a worthwhile DIY project? What better way to liven up your kitchen than with some cupboard love! You can try your hand at sprucing up and old cupboard and transforming it into a Pantry. If your cupboard has glass doors, why not give it an extra touch of class with a bit of curtaining?

Hopefully we’ve encouraged you to pay some attention to your Pantry décor and have inspired you with these beautiful design ideas. We’d love to hear your thoughts – let us know if you have any clever design tips worth spreading.

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