Illuminate your Kitchen with these 6 Spectacular Lighting Ideas

Kitchen Lighting Ideas
Monday, December 21, 2015

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Whether it’s chopping up veggies, washing the dishes or having a good giggle over a steaming cup of coffee with a friend, there’s no denying that the kitchen is one of the most used areas of the home. Given this thought, it’s seems quite bizarre when we realise what little consideration we give to lighting in this area.

Perhaps it’s time to re-think your kitchen lighting design and improve the look of this ever-occupied space with our spectacular selection of lighting ideas.


1) Big, Beautiful and Bronze 

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Metallics are gaining in popularity this year . But blending them into your existing design can be tricky. The picture above, however, shows us how combining cool colours like turquoise with warm bronze, can work well to accent your light fixtures and make them the focus of your kitchen.

2) Stunning Spheres 

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Kitchen lighting design is transforming the way we traditionally think of lighting and is becoming more than just a practicality. We just love how this kitchen demonstrates how you can use lighting as a way to accessorise your surroundings.

3) Light it up with Lanterns

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Chill down the atmosphere of your kitchen with a friendly countryside glow. These Lanterns welcome you in with a simple elegance and bring a uniquely laid-back ambience to this kitchen.

4) Bold and Brilliant

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Hanging big, bold light fixtures over your kitchen island, in an open plan environment, can draw instant focus to this space. Using this technique will ensure that your design efforts aren’t ignored.

5) Copper Crazy


2016 Kitchen design trends are crazy about copper. Ignite your kitchen with this lovely metallic finish and create an air of glamour by mixing this material into a modern-styled kitchen.

6) Farmhouse Finesse 

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If your kitchen is decorated with delicate finishes, it may be a good idea to echo this in your light fixtures. The soft shape of this lamp-like pendant works wonderfully with the rest of this design and also serves to highlight a few favoured focal elements, like the watering can and flowerpot.

If your kitchen is lacking the kind of lighting that enhances its overall design, perhaps it’s time to flick your creative switch on! Have these kitchen lighting ideas set your imagination ablaze? Let us know what light fixtures you would use to illuminate the beauty of your kitchen by dropping us a comment in the box below. 

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