How To Give Your Kitchen A Makeover Without ‘Breaking The Bank’

Friday, December 15, 2017

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Is your kitchen beginning to look a bit old fashioned or outdated? Do you want to give it a dramatic new makeover, but have no idea where to start?

You don’t have to call in an interior designer or spend a fortune on fancy new features to update its look. There are plenty of small but effective changes you can make that will help your kitchen look better than ever!

Below, we share 4 kitchen makeover ideas which are really easy to implement yourself and are super impressive.

Take Your Kitchen From Drab To Fab With These 4 Simple Changes

1.Install A Trendy New Backsplash


Apart from protecting your walls from horrible stains and splatters, backsplashes offer loads of style and are extremely affordable. Plus, they’re not as difficult to install as you may think! Take a look at this great guide from Wayfair to see what you’ll need to get started with this kitchen makeover idea.

2.Paint Your Kitchen Cabinets


A fresh coat of paint in a fashionable new colour can go a long way toward improving your kitchen’s look and feel, as well as giving it a fun and vibrant atmosphere. Current colour trends are moving away from ‘play it safe’ options such as naturals or neutrals and are embracing brighter, bolder palettes.

3.Replace Your Sink And Mixer

This kitchen makeover idea may seem costly at first, but the effect it has in transforming your design is well worth the price. Plus, the amount you’ll spend on a new sink and mixer is nowhere near the cost of rebuilding your entire kitchen. So, if you’re looking for a small change that will make a massive difference, then we suggest you replace your dull or scratched sink and mixer with a sparkling new alternative (take a look at our stylish new franke sink mixers for a few ideas).

4.Consider Your Flooring Options


Installing a new flooring material might not be the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about kitchen makeovers, but it’s definitely a renovation you should consider, as it can instantly breathe new life into your design and alter its appearance.

These days there are plenty of affordable flooring options such as vinyls and laminates, which offer all the qualities you want in flooring material – be it stain-resistance, durability or ease of maintenance. Additionally, these options are very simple to install and can be easily replaced to keep your kitchen up-to-date.

Did any of these 4 kitchen makeover ideas stand out to you? Let us know which idea you liked best in the comment box below!

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