Franke Kitchen Trends Project Durban Edition

Thursday, March 8, 2018

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The Franke Kitchen Trends Project, endorsed by the Kitchen Specialists’ Association (KSA) with Co-Sponsors Grass and PG Bison, has become an exciting highlight for many homeowners and design enthusiasts visiting the Decorex show - and this year will be no different! 

Decorex Durban will host the first of three Franke Kitchens Trends Projects for 2018. Four innovative kitchen designers are invited to compete in creating a dream kitchen using the same brief. Each kitchen design will be assessed by Franke and KSA, with the winning creator receiving R15, 000.00 worth of Franke products.

It’s a unique opportunity to not only showcase local talent in the area but a platform whereby each designer can push their own creative boundaries. 

Franke South Africa has revealed that this year's theme is "An Expression of Colour",  right on point when looking what a key role colour is playing in this season’s kitchen trends. 

Franke SA’s National Sales Manager, Clinton Soutter, expanded on this year’s creative theme, stating:

“Life is about using the whole box of crayons. At Franke we choose to live life in colour, believing that it can influence our moods and our thoughts. The colours you pick for your kitchen can express the different aspects of your creativity, personality and style. Colour can also change the perceived size and shape of the room so it’s important to use a carefully selected colour palette to create just the right look.”

Colour in the Kitchen

Both locally and abroad, we are seeing a major resurgence of colour in the kitchen. Bolder colours are complementing stainless steel, as well as the darker cabinet colours that are in style. Colour doesn't only have to be bold - think hues and tones. Clay colours such as copper, henna and ginger as well as gold tones are popular options and deep-blue will be a hot trend. Colour is not limited to your cabinets and kitchen walls. We are seeing colour introduced in less traditional ways - like in a petrol blue worktop against a coloured black sink

Decorex Durban

The four kitchen designers were selected for Durban’s Franke Kitchen Trends Project at the end of 2017 and will be announced over the course of this week!

We can't wait to see them in action with the four kitchens unveiled at this year's Decorex Durban show.

If you’re a kitchen enthusiast or are looking for ideas for your own kitchen be sure not to miss the show which runs from the 21st – 25th March. Tickets are available at or at the door. 


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