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Thursday, January 30, 2020

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Considering a fresh look for 2020?

Designing your home is like setting the stage for your family’s experiences and memories. If your home needs and update or no longer reflects your lifestyle it may be time for a fresh new look.

Here are our key pointers for what’s trending in the home right now:


A Sense of Calm

The most popular home décor trends right now are aimed in one direction - to encourage slower energy in the home.

People are seeking out a calming environment, where their home serves as retreat from the fast pace of life and promotes serenity and wellness. Consider bringing natural materials like wood, stone and handwoven straw and rattan pieces. You can combine these materials with on trend colours like greens, blues and earth tones e.g. terracotta. De-cluttering is also a key element in this look. - editing down our homes to create a true sanctuary where we feel safe.

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The Great Outdoors

Home jungles, interior gardens, huge planters and even indoor water features are right on point as the Biophilic design  trend goes strong, and studies have shown that incorporating plants in your interiors have major benefits on your psyche.  Not only do they boost mood and concentration but indoor plants act as natural air-purifiers by absorbing toxins and producing oxygen to purify your space.

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Creative and Cost-conscious

With tougher economies and a global focus on sustainability, people are turning to second hand stores to find their home décor pieces. Repurposing second hand buys allows a home make over on any budget and obvious benefits for those concerned about excessive consumerism. With resale platforms like Bid or Buy and Facebook Marketplace to resell and shop online, and Pinterest for inspiration – this industry is expected to soar over the coming years. 

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Get Cooking Outside

Getting outside can lower stress and increase energy! And with our beautiful climate and passion for the outdoors it’s not surprising the Outdoor Kitchen is still a very in demand in 2020.

Outdoor living is becoming a focal point of the home and more people want spacious and fully-equipped outdoor kitchens to entertain in. As opposed to the simple braai place, these kitchens feature everything from refrigerators, braais, and cook stations with outdoor ovens, rotisseries, smokers, woks / teppanyaki plates, sinks, food prep-areas, and storage.

A great benefit to having an outdoor kitchen in summer is you are able to keep the heat outside the house too rather than straining your air-conditioning which in turn increases your energy consumption. And with summers getting warmer and warmer this is definitely something to consider!

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Woods in the Kitchen

Expect to see unpainted wooden cabinetry designed to look more like furniture in the kitchen. Softly coloured kitchens in creamy whites and pastels will also be very popular. A big trend in the home that extends to the kitchen is to move away from uniformity. Consider elaborate statement tiling, contrasting surfaces, and handcrafted artisan pieces.



Dramatic Bathrooms

Whether your style is traditional, bohemian or modern, ornate statement wallpaper or from walls to ceiling in a smaller bathroom, or interesting tile as a backsplash is right on trend for a personalised look.

Image: Kristin Laing Houzz / Instagram ryangarvin / Image: trendir.cominterior-greenery


Nostalgia Trend

Nostalgia has been listed as one of this year’s top Mega-trends by This is showing itself in all areas from fashion to entertainment, for example in the growing list of 90’s TV series that have been brought back to life for the modern day audience. At home we are seeing it the revival of reimagined Mid-Century interiors and colour pallets.

Sentimentality fuels a desire to bring one’s formative years into the present, and remembering these times gone by brings about measurable positive benefits.

Personalise your sanctuary. Whether it is trinkets from your travels, a scented candle that unlocks childhood memories or a collection of photos, surrounding yourself with positive memories and a sense of nostalgia creates a sense of serenity in the home.

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Are you planning to redecorate at home? Which home décor trend do you just love?

Leave us a comment; we’d love to hear from you!


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