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Tuesday, January 9, 2018

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Image courtesy of Studio Wills + Architects

Moving away from clinical all-white kitchens and the dominance of play-it-safe neutrals, 2018 kitchen trends are saying goodbye to everything bland and boring and are embracing bold and layered looks.

So, if your kitchen is due for an update and you’re ready to be a little more daring with your design, then why not go for a whole new look this new year?

We’ve listed a few of the biggest design changes that are expected for 2018 below to help you keep your design in line with the times.

Create A New Look For Your Kitchen This New Year



Two-toned cabinets are set to takeover the 2018 kitchen design space and there’s a good reason why. Painting your top and bottom cabinets two different colours adds some eye-catching contrast to your design and breaks up the monotony with a fun, layered look.


Although granite and marble countertops will still be popular favourites in the new year, Quartz Worktops are making their way into more and more kitchens thanks to their durable, stain-resistant qualities and striking finishes.



When it comes to 2018 kitchen flooring trends, patterned tiles or vinyls are hip and happening! If you want your kitchen to stand out and make a statement, then this fun trend will surely help you achieve this design goal.


Image courtesy of Studio Surface Design

We’re starting to see much more colourful kitchen designs this new year. From navy blue and emerald green to warmer shades of plumb and orange, intense tonalities that create rich, luxurious atmospheres are definitely the way forward!

Will you be using any of these 2018 kitchen trends to transform your design? We’d love to hear all the details. So be sure to leave a comment, describing your design plans for the new year, in the box below.



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