Founder Of Milestone Kitchens Speaks About New & Innovative Kitchen Features

Monday, October 24, 2016

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Feature image courtesy of Milestone Kitchens

Whether it’s saving space, improving your design, or making your kitchen chores a little easier, there’s nothing we love more than new and innovative kitchen features. And that’s why chose to interview Silvia Miles, founder and owner of Milestone Kitchens.

After participating in the Franke Kitchen Trends Project at this year’s Decorex and winning the most innovative product award, Milestone Kitchens have become known for their convenient, all-in-one kitchen features that are not only beautiful, but also extremely functional.


Face-To-Face With Silvia Miles

Director of Milestone Kitchens - Silvia Miles

Silvia Miles initiated Milestone Kitchens in 2010. She started out by selling raw furniture to a business that painted it and then sold it to Wetherlys. And although she began with unskilled labour, she now trains carpenters and offers apprenticeships in her factory.

Thanks to Silvia’s hard work and creative thinking, Milestone Kitchens has grown into a successful business, which currently employees 30 workers and sells beautifully crafted free-standing kitchen units.

Take a look at what she has to say about new and innovative kitchen features.

Franke: Do you know of any new and innovative kitchen features that are currently trending?

Silvia Miles: I have noticed quite a few things trending as of late. Large drawers have become increasingly popular as they provide easy access and high visibility – gone are the days of kitchen utensils getting lost at the back of a cupboard! Stainless steel counter tops also seem to be in favour at the moment, and there has been a move toward thinner counter tops.

Image: Milestone Kitchens Drawer Server

Milestone Kitchens - stainless steel counter top

Image: Swedish Stye Pastry Table with Stainless Steel Top

Franke: We really loved Milestone’s Kitchen-in-a-Cupboard, which featured at this year’s Decorex. Could you describe your favourite things about it, and what makes it unique?

Silvia Miles: Apart from its functionality, I would have to say its alignment, geometry and style are what I like most about it. And although many other Kitchens-in-a-Cupboard have been designed, and the idea is not a new one. No other Kitchen-in-a-Cupboard – that I’ve seen - has all 6 elements. Which include a sink, tap, microwave, fridge, stove and lights.



Franke: Do you offer any other unique kitchen features that make life simpler and easier, and if so what are they?

Silvia Miles: Many customers are opting for our free-standing kitchen units, as their mobility provides simplicity and convenience.

We also offer the Deluxe Grocery Cupboard. And like the Kitchen-in-a-Cupboard, it’s both attractive and functional.

kitchen features, grocery cupboard
Image: Milestone Kitchens Deluxe Grocery Cuboard
Image: Free-standing storage bench

Franke: Are free-standing kitchen units a growing trend, and if so, why?

Silvia Miles: They most definitely are! We’ve seen a big growth in product interest.

I believe our economic climate has played a role in their popularity. Those with tight budgets enjoy the fact that you don’t have to buy your entire kitchen at once. You can buy one unit at a time if you want to.

Would you like to find out more about Milestone Kitchens and the unique kitchen features that they have to offer? Visit their online store, or pop them a mail for further details.


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