5 Great Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

Kitchen Backsplash
Friday, February 26, 2016

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If you’ve never heard the term Backsplash before, you’re probably wondering what on earth it is. A Backsplash is any sort of material that protects your walls from spills or splatters - this is why Backsplashes are usually placed behind sinks or stoves. Messy cooks out there will definitely appreciate the value of an easy to clean surface behind their stoves!

Although the main purpose of Backsplashes is to prevent your kitchen walls from accumulating greasy stains and watermarks, today’s Backsplashes do more than this. With a bit of creativity and design expertise, they have the ability to enhance the look of your kitchen.

Let’s have a look at a few Kitchen Backsplash Ideas for some Inspiration

1. Bottle Cap Backsplash

Bottle Cap Backsplash

Image: homejelly.com

If you have a quirky kitchen that’s full of character, you can add to its look by tiling it with complimentary bottle caps.

2. Wooden Backsplash

Wooden Backsplash

Image: thriftydecorchick.com

Wooden Backsplashes are an excellent way to add texture to your kitchen. We love the tonal variety that these wooden panels add to this area.

3. Stone Backsplash

Stone Backsplash

Image: houzz.com

Stone can really add class to your kitchen. This kitchen shows you how echoing the colours of your appliances can create a stunning centre of focus in any desired area.

4. Vinyl Backsplash

Vinyl Backsplash

What’s great about using vinyl as your Backsplash material is the fact that it comes in so many patterns and styles. Just be sure that you don’t overcomplicate your design. If you have patterned cabinets, it’s best to avoid mirroring this look with your Backsplash. You should only add in a patterned vinyl if you have plain cabinets.

5. Mosaic Backsplash

Mosaic Backsplash

Mosaic Backsplashes have been a really popular trend lately. And really draw your focus in with their eye-catching intricacy. When deciding a Mosaic Backsplash, be sure to consider whether or not it will fit in with the style of your kitchen. Mosaics work well for those kitchens with an artsy flair, or kitchens with a warm cottage-like feel. However, they aren’t likely to work in a more minimalistic, modern looking kitchen.

When it comes to design, Backsplashes can drastically update the look of your kitchen and add a bit more life into this space with their decorative appeal. What’s really fantastic about Backsplashes is the fact that they don’t just look great, but they are hygienic and practical as well!

We hope these Kitchen Backsplash ideas have inspired you. Share your thoughts and let us know if you have any great Backsplash ideas by leaving us a comment in the box below.


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