4 Ways To Brighten Up Your Kitchen This Spring

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Thursday, September 22, 2016

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Spring is finally here, and boy are we glad to welcome in the change of season! With so much vibrant colour and activity all around, there’s no shortage of design inspiration.

So if you’re feeling like your kitchen design needs a fresh new look, then you’ve certainly picked the right time!

But before you invite some springtime splendor into your home, do yourself a favour and take a moment to explore our 4 favourite ways to brighten up your kitchen…

Make Your Kitchen Design Spring To Life With These 4 Great Ideas

1.Give Your Cabinets A Fresh New Coat Of Paint


You’ll be amazed by the difference a new coat of paint can make. By choosing light and subtle shades, you can instantly brighten up the room and transform your entire kitchen design!

2.Season Your Kitchen With Some Herbs

Image: www.vibekedesign.blogspot.com

There are so many ways to grow herbs indoors, but we just love this idea of planting them in a basket – it’s small touches like this that can help make your kitchen stand out from all the rest!


3. Liven Up Your Kitchen Design With A Floral Centrepiece

Image: decoratorsnotebook.wordpress.com

Whether you arrange your flowers in a vase, old coffee tin or teapot, you’ve got to have some sort of floral fragrance in your kitchen this spring!


4. Add In Some Fruit-Filled Fun

What better way to show the growth and new life that signals the new season, than with a crate of colourful fruit? Bright oranges, yellows and greens will fill your kitchen with vibrant energy!

As you can see from the ideas above, spring kitchen design is all about keeping it light, bright and breezy. So say goodbye to the warm colours of winter and embrace the sunny spirit of spring!

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