4 Stunning Colour Ideas For Your Kitchen

Colour ideas for your kitchen
Thursday, April 28, 2016

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Feature image: www.southhillpark.org.uk

Painting your kitchen is like getting a new haircut - it can really make you feel good about yourself, especially if you’re very house-proud. After all, the way you decorate your kitchen is a reflection of who you are. And you certainly don’t want this space to say, “I’m dull and boring”.  

But when you browse through a paint shop and find a colour that you’re madly in love with, only to have it look shocking on your walls, it can be rather disheartening and make you doubt your colour choosing abilities.

So if your kitchen needs a fresh new look, we’ll spare you the stress of wondering whether or not a certain paint will look just as good on the wall as it does in the tin. Our selection of colour ideas for your kitchen will help you get a better picture of what will work and hopefully speed up your decision-making. Take a look:

Brighten Up The Heart Of Your Home With These Kitchen Colour Ideas

What do you Say to Grey?

Images: www.homedit.com

Small spaces don’t have to feel small. With the right colour choice you can create interest and make them appear bigger than they actually are.

Recommended Colour

Shave’s Lattice

As Blue as the Ocean’s Breeze

colour ideas for your kitchen

Image: www.bloglovin.com

A splash of colour is what this kitchen needed to focus your attention on the stunning light fixtures, as well as add the illusion of high ceilings.

Recommended Colour

 Shave’s Blue-Jay


Mellow out with Mint Green

Image: camillestyles.com

The mint green used on these cabinets brings a calming feel to this kitchen and contrasts beautifully with the dark flooring.

Recommended Colour

Shave’s Palm Breeze


Violet Vivaciousness

Image: www.casanaute.com

Add some drama and decadence to your kitchen with a vibrant colour like violet.

Recommended Colour

 Shave’s Ultra-Violet

Some say change is as good as a holiday, and who are we to argue? A new lick of paint is always a welcomed change of scenery, and can reinvigorate both you and your kitchen. So don’t be scared to splash a little colour onto your walls and try out one of these colour ideas for your kitchen!


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