4 Inspiring Designs That’ll Make You Want A Kitchen Wine Cooler

kitchen wine cooler
Friday, March 24, 2017

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Feature Image: www.cmicdataservices.com

If your interests include wine, entertaining and design, then we may just have a little something that’s right up your alley!

In our search for the most attractive kitchen wine coolers, we came across some wonderfully inspired designs that were so stunning we just had to share them with you. So keep on scrolling if you’d like to see some kitchen eye candy.

4 Wine Coolers For The Kitchen Connoisseur

Wooden And Wonderful

kitchen wine cooler, wooden finish

Image: cdn.shopify.com

Don’t you just love the different wooden finishes used throughout this design? We’re especially fond of the wooden kitchen wine cooler drawers.

Smart And Sophisticated

kitchen wine cooler, stainless steel

Image: pinimg.com

Do you have a designated wine spot? If not, then we think this design may just persuade you to change your mind. Imagine how much fun entertaining would be in an area like this!

Cultured And Classic

built-in kitchen wine coolers, classic kitchen

Image courtesy of The Kitchen Lady

Designs like this are the sort of thing we daydream about. As for the built-in kitchen wine cooler: We’re absolutely crazy about it!

A Modern Masterpiece

kitchen wine cooler, modern

Image: jennair.com

These stainless steel kitchen wine cooler doors really add to the sleek and modern feel of this design. And the slide-out drawers certainly bring a ‘wow’ factor into this kitchen – this is the sort of design creativity we love to see!

Did you enjoy browsing through these beautiful kitchen wine coolers as much as we did? We’d love to hear your thoughts – so don’t be shy! Brighten our day by leaving us a comment in the box below.

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