What Do FRANKE Electric Geysers Have To Offer?

FRANKE electric geysers
Thursday, July 7, 2016

Tags: Electric GeysersThe Benefits Of Buying An Electric Geyser


Buying a new electric geyser, without doing your research, can result in unnecessary expenses down the line.

That’s why it’s important to consider whether the benefits of buying an electric geyser outweigh the disadvantages.

So before you rush into any decisions, why not take a moment to find out what FRANKE electric geysers have to offer.


The Benefits Of Buying An Electric Geyser

Increased Pressure Capacity

Thanks to high precision welding processes and extensive automation, our electric geysers are a lot less susceptible to the kind of pressure that can cause ruptures.

Decreased Risk Of Plumbing Failures

Our 400kPa systems put less strain on older pipe work, and therefore limit the number of plumbing failures followed by geyser replacements in older dwellings.

Less water wasted

With the Franke 400kPa systems water flow rate will be reduced thus using less water for the same time spent in the shower.  Now you don’t have to feel guilty about your shower. By using the 400kPa geyser and not increasing your shower time you can potentially still save water.

Wide Availability Of Spares

We have an extensive distribution network for product spares, which are available nationwide. So you’ll never have a problem sourcing the spares you need!

Franke Electric Geysers Put Safety First

Our geysers comply with SANS 60335-2-21 safety requirements, which are based on further developed International Electrotechnical Commission standards.

Solar Water Heating System Integration

If you’re electricity-savvy and care about protecting the environment, then you’ll appreciate the fact that our electric geysers can be used as part of solar water heating systems.

The Maintenance Parts Are Easy To Access

The design of our end caps, make accessibility a breeze! By simply removing only three screws from the single compact electrical cover, all the maintenance parts can be accessed.

Our Electric Geysers Are Made To Last

Our confidence in the reliability and durability of our geysers enables us to offer the following:

  • 5 year guarantee on the Franke Geyser inner cylinder
  • 24-month warranty on the valves
  • 12-month warranty on electrical components

If any of the benefits of buying an electric geyser appeal to you, then feel free to contact us for further information.


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