The Sinos Sink Is Recognised For Its Excellent Design

stainless steel kitchen sink
Wednesday, August 17, 2016

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In today’s aesthetically orientated culture, form has come to be as important as function. And that’s particularly true for kitchen sink designs.

Sinks are no longer simply a tool for everyday kitchen chores. They’ve evolved to become an important design element within the kitchen, and their aesthetics have the power to completely transform the look of one’s kitchen.

The stunning beauty of the Sinos Sink is certainly evidence of this transformational influence. And we’re proud to say that its elegantly curved contours, refined finishes and innovative functionality, have been admired by countless homeowners and design experts around the world.

The Sinos Sink Bears The Acclaimed ‘Red Dot’

To attain the coveted ‘Red Dot’ award - given to outstanding product designs - certain criteria need to be met. Compelling aesthetic form, well-conceived innovation and ground-breaking functionality must all be integrated into one single product.

And according to a 37-member jury of critical design experts, the Sinos Stainless Steel kitchen sink met all the above mentioned criteria, making it worthy of the distinctive ‘Red Dot’ mark, which signifies design excellence.

Myria Aeschbacher, Franke Kitchen Systems Marketing Communications Manager had the following to say about the award: “It fascinates me to see something so beautiful made out of something so simple. Only the whole team working closely together makes it possible.”

Thanks to the team’s unity, commitment to modern convenience and striking design, the Sinos stainless steel kitchen sink is now internationally recognised for the quality product that it is.


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