The energy efficient Zip HydroTap provides better tasting, cleaner water

Energy efficient Zip, HydroTap
Tuesday, April 21, 2015

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The latest Zip, HydroTap has taken the world of kitchens by storm, by instantly producing boiling and chilled filtered water with the press of a button. The advanced Power-Pulse™ technology control keeps the temperature within 0.2°C giving you freshly chilled, filtered water each time you press the button. With the Zip, HydroTap there’s really no need to waste any more time waiting for the kettle to boil, as it automatically calculates boiling temperature so that it can instantly produce boiling water.

Its sub-micron filter system removes unwanted and unhealthy impurities, such as dirt, rust, chlorine and micro-organisms, but leaves essential fluoride therefore supplying you with much healthier drinking water. Having impurities in your water will ultimately affect the taste, so with the Zip, HydroTap you are can be sure to enjoy deliciously, fresh water daily.  

Did we mention that the Zip, HydroTap is energy efficient and water wise?

It produces instant boiling and chilled filtered water, so there’s no need to waste water by running the tap until you reach your desired temperature. This greatly reduces the amount of water wastage. The Zip, HydroTap automatically sleeps when it’s not in use, and after two hours of not being used it powers down to maintain boiling water at 64°C or hibernates.  It’s up to 40% more energy efficient than a kettle, and a safety lock makes it safer as it stays cool to the touch. What’s not to love about the Zip, HydroTap saving you time and money each and every day? 




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