Proud winner of a 2017 IF Design Gold Award

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

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The Franke Pescara Mixer is not your average kitchen tap. This elegant, top quality mixer is a tap both you and your guests will be enthusiast to use.


Standing 460 mm tall with an elegant curve, the Pescara 360° Professional Mixer offers a lot more than meets the eye. At first glance this kitchen tap looks pretty straightforward, but examine it a little more carefully and you’ll discover the retractable steel spring hose rotates 360°s allowing you to reach every corner of the sink.

The mixer hose can either be unclipped from one end or removed from the other end’s magnetic docking station. The magnetic docking station keeps the spray holder in the right position, after every use and at all times - convenient and quick.

Full rotation capabilities and two spray patterns, which can switch the water flow from standard to needle spray. This offers optimum convenience, for instance when it comes to otherwise awkward tasks like filling water into pots that are too big for the sink. And the Pescara also convinces when it comes to sustainability. Thanks to the 28 mm cartridge, water flow is reduced by up to 50%.

Winner of the iF Design Award 2017, Discipline Product

For more than 60 years the iF Design Award has been an international trademark for first-rate product design. The criteria of the international expert jury include design quality, functionality, processing, material selection and degree of innovation. Choosing the very best from over 5000 submissions from 53 countries, the Franke Pescara Mixer won the coveted iF Design Award in the category “Product – Kitchen”.


With this kitchen tap, Franke has redefined sink mixer functionality from the ground up. The spray head has a longer reach with an even shorter hose: a simple alteration that has a huge impact. The lines are clean, the design is minimalistic and the surface quality is superb. Excellent!

iF Design Gold Statement

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