New Lineage Cafe Enjoy The Benefits Of Their Zip HydroTap

 Lineage Café in Watercrest Mall
Monday, January 30, 2017

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Currently recognised as the number one café in the Durban region, by the Sunday Tribune Café Society, the new Lineage Café in Watercrest Mall is certainly worth a visit – especially if you think of yourself as a coffee connoisseur!

And considering the café has only been open for two months, the number of customers that it presently attracts is pretty impressive. But that’s all thanks to the dedication and hard work of Craig Charity, founder of Lineage Coffee.

With numerous awards behind him, and the 2013 South African Barista Champion title under his belt, Craig has grown a respectable following in the world of coffee. So as members of the Speciality Coffee Association of Southern Africa, it was a real privilege to work with him and be involved in the new café’s construction.

Lineage Cafe ‘Make it Wonderful’ With The Help Of Franke SA

When Craig explained how the ability to have instant hot water at a very accurate temperature was important to him and his coffee-making needs, the Franke team knew that the ZIP HydroTap® BCS would be ideal for the new Lineage Café.

Features such as pre-set boiling temperatures and Zip G4 thermal insulation (to reduce any heat loss) made the Zip HydroTap® BCS the obvious choice. And additional benefits, such as instant sparkling water straight from the tap, ensured that Lineage was able to offer iced sparkling tonic and espresso drinks for summer without having to use sparkling water from a bottle.

From measuring everything out, to installing each component in record time, the Franke team eagerly took on the task of setting up the open plan kitchen and coffee bar area for Lineage Café.

Although it was challenging to work with limited space, the team put their heads together, and with a touch of creativity and clever thinking, they were able to transform it into what Coffee Magazine have referred to as ‘a marvel of efficiency.’










Pictured left: Craig Charity

Pictured right: Lineage staff with ZIP HydroTap® BCS

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