Introducing our new range of fabulous Franke sink mixers

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Wednesday, November 4, 2015

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We are proud to announce, we have recently released our new range of fabulous Sink Mixers that will make your kitchen stand out from all the rest.

If you want to keep it classy, but are scared of your kitchen becoming too generic and looking all too similar to the perfect but sometimes characterless kitchens you see in magazines, these new mixers may be the solution for you.

Our talented designers have skillfully managed to combine both class and that much-needed element of fun to our latest range of mixers.

Keep your kitchen current with one of our trendy new mixers:

Lucido Swivel

The Lucido Swivel’s elegant curve can help to create a sense of movement and flow in your kitchen that will enhance any existing contours used in your design.

Mirabella Swivel

The Mirabella Swivel can give you that smart and edgy look without making your kitchen look too formal.

Mirus Professional

If you want your kitchen to ooze with elegance and sophistication, this is the mixer for you!


The Zeeta-Swivel grabs your attention with its unique blend of angles and curves. If you want your kitchen to scream with individuality, then this mixer is your best bet in achieving this.

This new range has not only been built with design in mind, but features such as the smart lime cleaning aerator and stainless steel braided connectors ensure our mixers are of the highest quality and function at their best.

Our new mixers are certainly stylish enough to be the focal point of any kitchen. We hope these mixers give you design inspiration and help you ‘mix it up’ with a little fun! 



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