How To Take Care Of Your Fragranite Sink

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Thursday, December 1, 2016

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Have you recently purchased a Franke Fragranite Sink? If so, we’d like to commend you on your excellent product choice. Your Fragranite Sink is sure to enrich your time spent in the kitchen and enhance its design. And if you treat it with the correct care, it will bring you a lifetime of satisfaction!

 “But what exactly is the correct way to care for my Fragranite Sink?” If you’re wanting to know the answer to this question, then you’ll be glad to know that we’ve prepared a few fantastic tips to ensure your Fragranite Sink maintains its sparkling finish and good looks, even after years of wear and tear.



Cleaning and caring for Fragranite Sinks

Everyday tips

Franke Fragranite Sinks are extremely durable and non-porous, making them long-lasting and very hygienic. This also means cleaning them is quite simple too. Most deposits can be removed with washing up liquid and hot water, followed by a clean water rinse. It is also good practice to then dry the sink with a soft cloth - otherwise limescale can build up on the surface.

Stubborn stains

For more stubborn Fragranite stains, we recommend use of a Multi-Surface Cream Cleaner. This should be used in conjunction with a Scotchbrite® pad, in vigorous circular motions, to clean your sink. And always make sure you thoroughly rinse away any cleaning agents once you’ve finished. 

Live in a hard water area?

Limescale deposits can create stains. Nip this in the bud by removing limescale immediately with diluted or mild acid, such as vinegar. Even better, use a proprietary cleaner such as Multi-Surface Cream Cleaner. Applied with a Scotchbrite pad, it can penetrate the ‘depressions’ in the undulating surface. To remove any limescale that has built up on your sink, try using a proprietary limescale removing product. Alternatively, soak your Fragranite Sink in a solution of one part vinegar to three parts water. This will loosen the scale, making it possible to scrub it away with an abrasive pad and kitchen sink cleaner. 

Metal marks simply wipe off

Fragranite is harder than many metals, so aluminium pans may leave a grey mark on the sink surface. Don’t worry, this is not permanent - just a metal deposit from the pan that will easily clean off. 

Avoid abrasives and alkalis

Fragranite is less prone to damage from excessive abrasion than other materials used for sink manufacture. But it’s still best to avoid using abrasive cleaners such as heavy duty scouring pads and wire wool, as they will eventually abrade the surface. Keep strong alkalis away from your sink as well. Prolonged exposure to ammonia and caustic soda, caustic paint strippers, paint brush cleaners and neat chemical descaling agents may dull the surface. 

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