How to install your Franke Inset Sink into MDF type countertops

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

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If you’ve purchased your stylish Franke sink and can’t wait to install it; we’ve put together the step by step instructions, to assist you with installing your Franke inset sink into an MDF countertop.   

Follow these step by step instructions to install your inset sink

1. You’ll find a perforated tear-out in the packaging, which is the sink profile template. Use this template to trace the sink profile onto the worktop where you’ve chosen to install the sink.

2. Drill a hole into the worktop at each corner of the marked area to allow for easy cutting of the MDF.

3. Follow the lines of the template and cut the worktop with a jigsaw. Be very careful, so that you don’t slip and cut a line in the wrong place or worse cut yourself.

4. To ensure that the worktop is water resistant, seal the inside edge of the cut out with a resin and hardener compound.

5. Allow this to dry until the compound forms a silicone like surface on the cut area to prevent swelling of the MDF in the event of a water seepage.

6. Fix the clips to the sink. Ensure that there are a minimum of 4 clips on either length side of the sink. This holds it nice and securely.

7. Remove the screws from each clip so that the sink will fit perfectly into the cut out. These screws will then be re-attached to the sink clip, working from the underside of the worktop.

8. Generously apply silicone onto folded edge of sink and along the edge of the cut out. Silicone acts as glue and further prevents water seeping underneath the worktop.

9. Place the sink onto worktop.

10. Attach the screws to the clips and tighten to its maximum tension. The tightening ensures that the sink is pulled down firmly onto the worktop, preventing the sink from lifting at the edges and bowing or water seeping through.

11. Wipe away the oozing silicone from the worktop and smooth out the edges.

12. Allow to set for 24 hours and voila you have perfectly installed your new Franke sink.

Follow the steps above to install your inset sink into your MDF countertop and enjoy the wonderful benefits of your new Franke sink.



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