How To Install A Franke Sink Mixer

 Franke sink mixer
Wednesday, October 4, 2017

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When it comes to installing Franke sink mixers it’s always best to use a registered plumber to ensure your installation complies to all the local bylaws and requirements and to ensure that your warranty is valid.

However, if you have recently purchased a mixer from us and are confident that you have the necessary skills and practical experience to install it, then we suggest you take the time to read through our step-by-step mixer installation guide below. With the right tools and a little advice from our installation experts, you’re sure avoid frustrating mistakes and oversights and save many hours of time and effort!  

Kindly note that if your installation does not comply, then your warranty may be voided.

Franke’s Step-By-Step Sink Mixer Installation Guide

What You’ll Need:

• A torch

• Adjustable wrenches

• A pipe wrench

• A 9mm nut driver

Step One:

Make sure you switch off the water supply before you begin installation.

Step Two:

Ensure that you have all of the following basic components before you start: Mixer, two flexible hoses (blue for cold and red for hot water), circular rubber gasket, fixing plate, plastic brace (when applicable), back nut and metal brace.

Step Three:

Position the front of the mixer towards you and screw the flexible hoses onto the base of your sink mixer, ensuring that the hot flexible water hose is on the left of the brass rod and the cold flexible hose is on the right.

Note: Check to see whether the ‘O’ ring at the top end of each flexible hose is present – without an ‘O’ ring the tap will leak.

Step Four:

Pull the flexible hoses through the centre of the circular rubber gasket and position it so that it sits at the base of the sink mixer.

Step Five:

Feed the loose ends of the flexible hoses through the punched tap hole and lower the sink mixer until it sits firmly on the sink’s tap landing.

Step Six:

Now pull the flexible hoses through the second rubber gasket and the plastic tap brace (respectively), from the underside of the sink.

Step Seven:

Slip the metal brace over the brass threaded rod and fasten it in position.

Step Eight:

Fasten the back nut onto the brass rod – from the sink’s underside – until it reaches maximum tension. The mixer should now be firmly secured in place.

Step Nine:

Flush out the pipe, then connect the flexible hoses to the plumbers piping.

Step Ten:

Remove the aerator.

Step Eleven:

Turn on the main water supply and open your sink mixer to flush out any debris from the system.

Step Twelve:

Turn on the main water supply and open your sink mixer to flush out any debris from the system.

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