How to choose the right sink mixer for your kitchen!

How to choose the right tap
Friday, April 10, 2015

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Luckily for us there’s no longer one type of tap to choose from for our kitchen sink. Now-a-days we’re actually spoilt for choice with all the different variations of style, sizes and finishes, so selecting the right mixer is not always an easy decision. In this blog post we share our top tips that will help you choose the right mixer for your kitchen.

Check your sink bowl shape and size first before choosing your sink mixer

  • Measure the distance from the tap fitting into your sink. This will ensure that the faucet you choose is long enough to reach adequately into the sink and not end up spilling water all over your kitchen cabinet.
  • Shape matters! If you have a round sink pick a curved tap to enrich the shape of your sink. Or if your sink has a square finish, with sharp edges select a tap that has angular lines to enhance its symmetry.

Determine your kitchen style first to help you select the perfect sink mixer

Take a step back and really absorb the style of your kitchen before you go shopping for your mixer! This is important to ensure that your mixer not only functions but completes the look and feel of your kitchen. If your kitchen has a modern feel then select a mixer that is clean and symmetrical. On the other hand if you have a more traditional kitchen look for a mixer that will appeal to its elegance.

Choose a kitchen sink mixer that has all the functions you require

In today’s world the functionality of our kitchen taps are endless. Check out some of the different options available at Franke before you head out to select your kitchen sink mixer.

  • Sink mixer with filtered drinking water – The Franke Kubus FilterFlow multitasks like a dream delivering hot, cold and filtered water all out of the one tap.
  • Sink Mixers– The Franke mixer range has a large variety for everybody so if you are looking for a higher mixer with a spray function or you would prefer a traditional style to simplify your meal preparation this is the range to check out.   

Don’t burn yourself with the Ceramic Cartridge

  • A number of the Franke sink mixers have an anti-scold feature, this allows you to preselect the maximum temperature and set it, therefore ensuring that little hands do not get burnt!
  • Always check that the mixer that you’re interested in purchasing has integrated ceramic discs. Ceramic discs are excellent at preventing your mixer from dripping and they don’t wear out like traditional rubber washers or waste precious water.

Test the handle before selecting the right mixer

Remember to check that the handle moves smoothly before purchasing your mixer. You don’t want to battle with the handle every time you turn on your kitchen mixer.

Ultimately the water pressure in your home will affect your decision. So contact your local plumber to help you find out which pressure system you have, so that the mixer that you choose will meet all of your requirements. Take your time and enjoy discovering the wide varieties and functions of today’s mixer technology before you decide on your perfect kitchen tap.


  • Cascade Professional Sink Mixer
  • High Rise Swivel Sink Mixer
  • Kubus Filter Flow Sink Mixer
  • Project Line Single Lever Sink Mixer

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