How do I know how to choose the right kitchen sink?

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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

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Food preparation, cooking, and cleaning up all involve the kitchen sink, making it undoubtedly the most used and necessary appliance in the kitchen, however knowing how to choose the right sink is not always easy. Here are some tips to help you choose the right kitchen sink.

Size matters when choosing your kitchen sink

First and foremost it’s very important that you measure the size of the cabinets where the sink will be fitted. It would be heart breaking to get your sink all the way home and find out that it’s either too small or too big.

What are the different ways that my sink can fit into the countertop?

With an abundance of styles to choose from where do you begin? Here are the different ways that your kitchen sink can fit into your countertop.   


The classic method of installing a sink, is to place it from above into your kitchen countertop through a hole that was previously cut. Inset sinks have the widest range of shapes, sizes and styles to choose from. No matter what your kitchen style you will definitely find an inset sink to match. The frame of the inset sink sits on top of the kitchen counter, therefore these sinks are compatible with any work surface including laminate.


An undermount sink is fitted from underneath your kitchen countertop, giving it a trending edgeless finish with smooth, continual surfaces. It’s easy to clean and saves you the trouble of trying to get rid of grime that gets stuck around the edges. An undermount sink is compatible with any solid surfaces countertops and particularly goes well with granite or stone countertops.


A drop-on sink is the perfect solution if you are wanting your sink to fit snuggly between two counter tops, or directly on the top of the kitchen unit, it replaces the countertop.  This traditional range is suitable for any contemporary kitchen.

Which material best suits my kitchen and taste?

The material of your sink goes a long way in the look and feel of your kitchen, so choose a material that best suits your taste and other kitchen fittings. Stainless Steel is recognised throughout the world as the ultimate specification for hygiene and durability. Stainless steel is highly resistant to stains, rust and corrosion, plus it won’t chip, craze, flake or break… and it is 100% recyclable, so we're doing our bit for the environment!

Decide on bowl configuration & depth when choosing your kitchen sink

When choosing your kitchen sink it is very important to decide on how many bowls you require and how deep you would like them. Will you be using the sink to wash dishes? Then two bowls is more ideal than one. Is the sink only going to be used for preparation? Then one bowl is enough and it doesn’t need to be as deep.

The single bowl sink is ideal for a compact kitchen or to be used as a preparation sink because it doesn’t take up too much space, however still fulfils its purpose.

The One and a half bowl sink is best when you wish to multitask by doing dishes and preparing food at the same time. This sink is a great space saver and you get the best of both worlds!

The Double bowl sink make washing dishes a dream. There is plenty of space to soak up large dirty pans or prepare big quantities of food with ease. The style of this kitchen sink is great if you enjoy symmetry.

The Triple bowl sink is for the all-rounder who wishes to wash, prepare, soak and cut all at the same time. This sink not only offers flexibility but it allows you to stay on top of all your kitchen processes at the same time from the same spot. Place your chopping board into the first sink, drain your potatoes in the middle, and soak a pot in the third bowl.  What more could you ask for?

Need to know which plumbing kits are compatible with your new sink?

Why would you need a plumbing kit you ask? They save you space under the kitchen sink, as they fold away neatly towards the back of cupboard, freeing up much needed space in the front.  Not to mention, you are also able to connect your washing machine and dishwasher! Bonus!

Siphon 1 - Compatible with a single bowl sink.
Siphon 2 - Compatible with 11/2 bowl and 2 bowl sinks.
Siphon 3 - Compatible with 3 bowl sinks

Finding the perfect sink that meets all your wants and needs takes time and is a decision that involves some thought because like artwork, we don’t often replace it.   Take your time and really fall in love with your kitchen sink as it’s a part of your home and will be with your family for a long time.

  • Choose an undermount sink

    Franke Undermount Sink

  • choose a drop on bowl sink

    Drop-on double bowl Franke sink

  • stainless steel Franke sink

    Chic and clean stainless steel Franke sink

  • choose a Single bowl sink

    Save space with a single bowl Franke sink

  • Choose a one and half bowl sink

    Prep and wash at the same time with a One and half bowl sink

  • Choose a double bowl sink

    Double bowl Franke kitchen sink with accessories

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