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The hygienic, efficient and effective disposal of waste in the home is becoming a greater concern to home-owners who are keen to minimize waste and odours.  Franke Waste Disposers are the ideal solution to this problem and are also compact enough to leave plenty of space under the sink. Fruit & veggie peels, rice, soft chicken bones and egg shells are effortlessly ground down by the disposer and then is drained harmlessly through the plumbing system, leaving nothing behind. This helps eliminate unwanted odours and minimizes insect and rodent infestation. Below we answer 5 of the most frequently asked questions about Franke Waste Disposers


1. Why you should buy a food waste disposer?

A waste disposer allows you to easily discard of at least 75% of your leftover food, by throwing it straight into the sink to be disposed of immediately, without the fuss and smells of using a normal rubbish bin. 

2. Is using a waste disposer easy?

  1. Simply turn on your cold water tap
  2. Then turn your waste disposer on
  3. Feed the unwanted leftovers into the opening
  4. And let your disposer do all the hard work of grinding the food into tiny pellets and paste, then flushing it straight into sewage system
  5. It’s as easy as that!

3. How environmentally friendly is the Franke waste disposer?

Using a Franke Waste Disposer reduces the problems of rubbish spills or creating unnecessary pollution in landfill sites. The disposed waste is transported through sewer pipes to the treatment plant and then possibly recycled into agricultural fertilizer. Furthermore it costs the municipality less to manage and has the least air emissions.  

4. Can the Disposer fit to any waste outlet?

The Franke Waste Disposer is designed to fit any sink with a 90mm waste outlet. 

5. How easy is the Franke waste disposer to install?

The Franke Waste Disposer has been designed to easily fit under most sinks and its compact design leaves sufficient space for other household products to still be neatly stored away. You will receive a manual which has an easy step-by-step guide to help your plumber or handyman through the installation process. Ideally a Spazi plumbing kit should be purchased with the Franke waste disposer. The mounting system ensures that the waste disposer can be effortlessly attached to your sink.  

Getting rid of unwanted food waste couldn’t be easier or more hygienic than using a waste disposer. So become more efficient in your kitchen today and install a Franke Waste Disposer and make storing big, smelly rubbish bags in your kitchen a thing of the past. 

  • Franke waste Disposer with Spazi plumbing kit
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