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Friday, May 18, 2018

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Image: Craig Moodley, Property Development Manager at Edison Property Group


"My history with Franke goes back some 22 years... 

when a FRANKE double bowl sink with two drainers was installed in our home. If I’m not mistaken, this was probably one of the first sinks introduced to the South African market. Through good maintenance and use, this sink still finds itself in perfect working condition in my parent’s home. It was never repaired or fixed or dented through the years of use in an “Indian” family’s home bearing the brunt of large pots and pans, hot or cold.

This example of a sink in itself bares testament to the fantastic quality, timelessness and endurance of the FRANKE product in general. My parents, myself and now my children have had the opportunity to use this product over the years.

FRANKE products will always be at the tip of my tongue in terms of my recommendation to my clients and family. The large ranges they offer now include Worktops which I have had the fortune of specifying recently. My client has been extremely impressed with the product, its quality and affordability.

Much of my dealing with FRANKE lends itself to the amazing staff. In particular, Renatta Govender, whom I met a few years back. Her knowledge of the various products, as well as her relaxed personality leaves the door wide open to deal with FRANKE. She is an absolute pleasure to deal with. Ever willing to assist and on short notice to present on products, she represents FRANKE professionally and cordially.

I will continue to recommend FRANKE products and look forward to the new range of products offered by them in the years to come. The FRANKE ingenuity and technology are what Architects and clients are looking for."


Warm Regards,

Craig Moodley, Property Development Manager

Edison Property Group



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