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Thursday, September 3, 2015

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With such diversity in the world our needs and requirements are often very different from home to home, therefore not everyone requires the same kitchen sink. Whether you’re a busy executive living in an apartment, a student staying in a studio or a large family living on an estate, Franke has a sink to suit your needs. Franke has put together a variety of their favourite kitchen sinks below to assist you in choosing a sink that best suits your lifestyle. 




1. The trendy student perfectly suits the Franke Kitchenette

If you’re just establishing yourself or downsizing and living in a studio apartment, granny flat or a student pad the Franke Kitchenette gives you access to all of the necessary appliances neatly packaged together. The stove is equipped with quality high speed plates, which is attached to the sink and drainer ensuring that you’re cooking experience is seamless. So if space is limited you really can’t go wrong with the Franke Kitchenette .

2. The Franke Stella Undermount Sink suits the preparation fundi

If you love to entertain or enjoy cooking interesting meals for your family you’ll want to check out the sleek Stella Undermount Sink. The deep bowl allows you to easily prepare a large amount of food without too much spillage. And its perfectly radiused edges ensures no food gets lodged into small crevices, keeping your kitchen sink area hygienic and easy to clean.

3. Enjoy the best of both worlds with The Franke Galileo Sink

If you tend to enjoy luxury but still need functionality the elegant design of the Franke Galileo will be a highlight for you. This chic, smooth double bowl stainless steel sink offers you wonderful functionality and stylish good looks which will fit in perfectly with a modern kitchen design. Whether your washing dishes or using the deep bowls to prep food The Franke Galileo will meet your needs and design requirements.  

4. The whole family will love the Franke Trendline sink

The Franke Trendline features a large double bowl sink making it the perfect sink for a large family. We’ve all seen a tower of dishes after a dinner party, well this is an everyday occurrence in a home with a large family. The Trendline fits snuggly onto your kitchen counter and is available in a number of different lengths, in single and double bowl variations, With plenty of space to dry, rinse and soak the Franke Trendline makes sure the whole family can get involved in the cleaning up!  

Which Franke sink would best suit your lifestyle? With so many options to choose from in our Franke collection, you’ll be sure to find the perfect sink for your lifestyle. Need a little more advice?  Check out our blog on how to choose the right kitchen sink. 


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