Franke Sales Representative Promotes Sustainable Living

Franke Sales Representative Promotes Sustainable Living
Friday, September 16, 2016

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In order to ensure a greener future for our children, we at Franke, believe that it’s important to recognise the environmental consequences of all that we do.

The words of Michael Pieper, owner and CEO of Franke Artemis Group, ring true when he says the following:

“Thinking and acting in a sustainable way is simply a must. ecological, economical, and social aspects shall be considered in whatever we do – from office to production floor. Sustainability means fairness towards future generations. Everything we do should be made in a way that all of us can face our children with clear conscience. I trust in all Franke employees to take responsibility and work on sustainable solutions for our customers.”


Although we agree with Pieper’s view of implementing environmentally-friendly principles in one’s business, we believe sustainability shouldn’t end there!

Given our desire to see sustainability become a way of life, we’re extremely proud of our Durban Sales Representative, Penny Havenga, who is embracing all things eco.

Penny Havenga is Saving the Planet through Sustainable Living


From the office to the home, sustainable living has become second nature to Penny. By doing all that she can to reduce her household waste, she has shown her commitment to saving the planet.

At home she leads the way by making use of separate recycling bins for glass, tin, plastic and cardboard, and also has a compost heap where she disposes of all organic waste. At her kids’ school, she volunteers once a month for recycling duty, and at work she encourages others to all do their bit to save the planet. It’s great to see someone with such a passion for the environment!

With Penny teaching her children the importance of sustainable living, and its impact on our planet, the earth’s future certainly seems to hold plenty of hope!

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