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3 Franke Worktops To Make Your Kitchen More Wonderful
Thursday, August 31, 2017

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When it comes to making your dream kitchen a reality we, at Franke, understand how difficult it can be to find the right materials to match your design vision.

This is especially true for kitchen countertops. Finding a quality worktop in the right colour, size or material can be pretty challenging.

But luckily that’s where we come in. Because we feel that completing your dream kitchen should be as easy as possible, we’ve decided to introduce a brand new Franke Worktop range.

With a wide variety of Franke Worktop materials, sizes and a huge collection of colours to choose from, your days of searching high and low for the perfect kitchen countertop are over.

Take a look at these three Franke Worktop options and see what our exciting new range has to offer!

3 Franke Worktops To Make Your Kitchen More Wonderful

FRANKE Solid Surface

Available in 59 different colours, Franke Solid Worktops open up endless design possibilities for your home.

Homeowners who are looking for a modern and practical kitchen countertop material will appreciate this Franke Worktop option as it is manufactured from 100% Acrylic, making it non-porous, easy-to-care-for, impact-resistant and extremely hygienic.

FRANKE Quartz Surface

Made from one of the hardest minerals in the world, Franke Quartz Worktops are extremely durable and are resistant to many external aggressions.

This Franke Worktop option is perfect for homeowners who are searching for a low-maintenance kitchen countertop material, as it is highly resistant to stains and bacteria and is easy-to-clean.

Franke Quartz Worktops are available in a matt or gloss finish and are covered with a glass sealant to create an odour and taste-neutral surface.

FRANKE Stone Surface by Lapitec

With a highly attractive finish, this surface is ideal for kitchens with a natural look and feel.

Manufactured with 100% natural materials, Franke Stone Worktops not only add raw charm and authenticity to your kitchen workspace, but also provide benefits such as colour preservation, durability, scratch resistance and impact resistance.

And because Franke Stone Worktops can withstand very high temperatures, they are well-suited to the kitchen.

If you’d like to find out more about this exciting new range, don’t hesitate to contact us on 0861 372 653.

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