An Interview with Ludi Szabo

Thursday, December 6, 2018

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“The kitchen is the most important room in your home. It serves all your meals, helps the kids find a place to do their homework, and becomes the gathering place a family and friends alike.”


The winner of this year’s Franke Kitchen Trends Project at Decorex Joburg was awarded to Eurofit Kitchens who walked away with Franke products to the value of R15, 000.00. 

The design challenge showcased four local designers competing to design a dream kitchen under the theme "An Expression of Colour”. This is a great platform to push creative boundaries in kitchen design and the project’s headline sponsor Franke South Africa make all their full kitchen product ranges from top of the range Designer Sinks to Italian worktops of Quartz and Sintered Stone available to the contestants for these kitchens – giving the designers full potential to create their design with no cost limitations.


Image: Kitchen Designed by Eurofit Kitchens at this years Franke Kitchen Trends Project Joburg. 

We took the chance to get to know winner Ludi Szabo better and hear his thoughts on kitchen design.


FRANKE: Congratulations on your win at the Franke Kitchen Trends Project Joburg 2018! Tell us more about yourself, your career and your experience in the kitchen industry?

LUDI:  Thank you. I have been in the cabinet industry for 20 years so far. I started at the bottom and worked my way up in our family business. I began cutting, edging, CNC (drilling) as well as assembly. Thereafter I moved into design and sales. Currently I have been doing design work, selling and managing the company for over 18 years now, and have never looked back.


FRANKE: What made you decide to take part in the Franke Kitchen Trends Project?

LUDI: We have developed a very good relationship with Franke over the years making the choice very easy and well worth it.


FRANKE: Tell us more about your design for the Kitchen Trends Project? How did your inspiration come about? 

LUDI: Even though the design was for a show, we stuck to our ethos of designing a kitchen that functions properly, as well as showcase of beautiful design. Too many kitchens today look stunning but have no functionality. We also took into consideration the local and European trends.

The warm luxurious wood with the contrasting matt and gloss white finish made the design quite simple but effective.


FRANKE: What kind of observations have you made over your career about how kitchens have changed?

LUDI: There have been great improvements in the quality of runner, hinges and movable parts, allowing us to provide better assurance of functionality. Worktops have changed from granite to mostly quartz-based products, allowing for better uniformity and a wider colour palette to choose from. Design is becoming more modern with clean lines and usable space. Matt colours have become the latest trend in finishes.




FRANKE: Do you like to cook and does this influence your design of kitchens?

LUDI: If I didn’t love cooking, I wouldn’t build kitchens. I am passionate about designing a kitchen that works properly, with a place for everting, incorporating multiple work stations. I think the most important aspect of any kitchen design is that you enjoy working in it, and that it enhances the cooking experience.


FRANKE:  Is there a particular kitchen design trend that you think we will see a lot more of in South Africa next year?

LUDI: I like to think we can set our own trends in South Africa. Our kitchens are larger and more open to our entertainment area and gardens. I like to embrace this in my designs.


FRANKE:  What do you feel is the first and second most important piece of equipment in a kitchen?

LUDI: The fridge, to keep all things cool and fresh and the hob to cook on! The rest are luxuries but well deserved.


FRANKE:   What advice would you give someone planning their first kitchen renovation?

LUDI: Get a professional to design your kitchen. We know how to make it function as well as look great at the same time. The kitchen is the most important room in your home. It serves all your meals, helps the kids find a place to do their homework, and becomes the gathering place a family and friends alike. Getting it right the first time is a must.




If you’d like to get in touch with Ludi from Eurofit Kitchens visit or email



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