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Monday, June 29, 2015

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As much as we love getting invited to an event, there’s nothing quite like throwing your own successful party. What do people love more than a party? A themed party, where we can get all dressed up and have a little bit of fun. To help you throw a bash to remember we’ve picked out the 3 trendiest party themes of the season below.


1. The ‘Mister hipster’ party theme

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The casual coolness of the hipster subculture that has emerged over the last decade has definitely been a huge influencer in most trends. So it seems only natural that a hipster themed party has become quite trendy. Here’s some tips to help you through the coolest ‘Mister Hipster’ party.   

  • The easiest way to spot a hipster is by the way they dress, so make sure that your guests get the dress code right. It’s all about skinny ties & jeans (sometimes awkwardly so), floral head pieces & scarves, thick framed clear glasses, bow ties and don’t forget the moustache.
  • Serve everything in mason jars; drinks, flowers, décor, and food. Mason jars are definitely the way to go at a hipster bash.
  • If you’re serving an alcoholic beverage; it’s craft beer or nothing at all.
  • Games are a must at a ‘Mister Hipster’ party, so set up your garden with games; such as giant Jenga, horse shoes, bowls, lawn darts and any other games from a time long forgotten.
  • Finally choose a fun hashtag, #MisterHipsterBash, and make sure that everyone that attends uses it for all of their Instagram posts.

2. ‘Under the Stars’ themed party

Invite your friends over for an experience they’ll never forget, a night ‘Under the stars’ at your exclusive outdoor movie theatre. 

  • Create your own movie screen using a sheet or a white wall.
  • Head down to your local video store and hire the latest movie that you know all of your guests will enjoy.
  • Lay down some blankets and pillows to create a laid back setting, to ensure that your guest will feel right at home.
  • Setup a table with delicious snacks for your audience to feast on during the movie; such as popcorn, yummy sweets and drinks. 
  • Send your friends a ticket to your exclusive screening and enjoy the fun filled night.

3. ‘Stache Bash’ event theme

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Are you keen to host a fun filled event that doesn’t involve too much preparation or require the guests to dress up like a walrus? Then the ‘Stache Bash’ is the for you.

  • The first rule of the ‘Stache Bash’ is that all your guests (including the girls) must attend wearing a moustache!
  • Create your own photo booth with lots of fun moustache selfie props; such as different size moustaches, fun hats and glasses and use your ipad/tablet to capture the images with this awesome photobooth app.   
  • Serve all drinks with straws that have cardboard mustaches attached, and spend the night laughing each time everyone takes a sip.
  • Decorate everything with moustaches! Place stickers on glasses and vases, use moustache confetti and hang giant cardboard moustaches on the walls. Tonight it’s all about the ‘stache’.
  • Serve yummy nachos and moustache cupcakes so that your guests can enjoy a bit of manliness and sweetness all at the same time.
  • Most importantly enjoy all the laughs that follow from everyone looking a little bit silly wearing a moustache.

Style your party according to one of these 3 trendy party themes and you’re sure to throw a successful event that’ll be the bash of the year!



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