Summer Party Essentials to Help you Host an Extraordinary Event

summer party essentials
Wednesday, December 9, 2015

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Take advantage of the warm summer rays this year and host a party that no one will forget. With just a few simple summer party essentials, you can lay the foundations for an enjoyable occasion.

Treat your guests to a great time outdoors by entertaining them with delicious food, refreshing drinks, and your wonderful company of course!

Let us help you make your party one-of-a-kind by sharing a few of our Summer Party Essentials:

Can You Get The Hang Of It With Your Decor? 

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You can create a vibrant and fun atmosphere with a few decorations here and there. This year anything hanging goes - whether it’s bunting, tassel backdrops, banners or garlands. Make sure you use vivid colours for your hanging décor and don’t be stingy with it – using varying layers of bunting, for example, can create a fantastic new dimension to your outdoor environment. Your party will certainly be a memorable one with these summer party essentials.

Should We Be Grasping At Straws?

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Straws are summers hottest new trend. It’s time to bring back your child-like enthusiasm and go wild with your drink décor. Thick straws with striped or polka dot designs are very popular at the moment. While it’s not good to ‘grasp at straws’ – you definitely will want to be grasping these ones!

Some More S’mores Anyone?

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Delight your guests by giving them their very own mini terracotta S’mores pots. Roasting S’mores over the fire with your friends or family creates a great environment to start up conversations. All you need is a pot, charcoal, lighter fluid, a lighter, some foil to line the pot and some biscuits, chocolate and marshmallows for your S’mores.

Have Some Summer Fun With Wine Popsicles 

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There’s no better way to cool down and unwind than with these lovely wine popsicles! Why not satisfy your guests with interesting flavor mixes? Try adding some strawberries, lime or watermelon into your wine popsicle mixture. Party ideas have never been so enjoyable!

You’re guaranteed to have loads of fun with these fantastic Summer Party ideas, so get into the spirit of summer and have a great time with your guests.

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