Make Your Christmas Wonderful With These Fantastic Table Decor Ideas

Christmas table decor ideas
Wednesday, December 14, 2016

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With Christmas rapidly approaching, it’s now round about the time when we all start realising how much we have to do, and how little time we have left to do it. This is especially true when it comes to planning our Christmas table décor.

When the panic starts setting in, all that festive cheer can quickly turn into holiday gloom - leaving us feeling a little overwhelmed and underprepared. But there’s no need to feel this way. There are many ways to bring the excitement back into Christmas. And our selection of table décor ideas will show you just how simple and stress-free Christmas décor can be.

Easy Table Decor Ideas To Brighten Up Your Christmas Function

Put Christmas Hats On Your Champagne Glasses

Christmas table decor - santa hats on champagne glasses


Add an extra sparkle to your champagne with this simple, yet effective idea. All you need is a printer, glossy paper and some scissors, and it’s hats off to you!

Turn Pine Cones Into Mini Christmas Trees

table decor ideas - pine cone Christmas trees


The only hard part here is finding the pine cones! After that it’s purely a matter of placing them in pot plants or tins, sprinkling on a little glitter and topping them with a star.

Transform Candy Canes Into Place Card Holders

table decor ideas - candy cane place card holders


This is a fun table décor idea for the kids, and it’s sure to bring some festive cheer to the table.

Fold Your Napkins Into Christmas Trees

Chritmas tree napkin, table decor ideas


This Christmas tree napkin fold may look a little tricky, but it’s actually really easy. And it’s worth trying out, as it will definitely add a touch of festive magic to your table. Take a look at this video for folding instructions.

Now that we’ve shared these fantastic Christmas table décor ideas, we hope we’ve got you in the Christmas spirit and that you’re feeling creatively inspired.

If you have any table décor ideas that you’d like to share, please feel free to contribute by leaving them in the comment box below.