It’s Always Happy Hour With These 5 Home Bars

Thursday, April 7, 2016

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If you’re a social butterfly who lives to entertain guests in your home, then the idea of building a home bar has probably swirled around in your mind a good few times over. Sipping a few drinks with friends and having a good laugh can be food for the soul, but what better place to share your favourite stories than sitting around a home bar?

Besides being a fun new addition to your entertainment area, home bars also make a whole lot of sense - why spend a fortune on overpriced drinks at a pub just to be social? Also, if any of your guests get a bit too tipsy, they at least have a safe space to stay until they sober up.

Making the decision to build a home bar will surely take quite a bit of deliberation, but coming up with a design that suits your personality and sense of style certainly takes much more thought and planning. So to help you along this process, we have collected a few examples to provide plenty of inspiration.

Here Are A Few Home Bar Design Ideas To Take Your Entertaining To The Next Level:

Perk Up With A Little Quirk


Painting a section of your bar with chalkboard paint can provide a great platform to show off your unique personality. You can write a few little quirky notes or add funny sayings to keep your guests giggling while you serve up their favourite drink.

In Touch With The Elements


We just love how the wooden bar stools are paired with sleek modern features like the metallic tap and the stainless steel wine cellar doors. This design shows how contrasting elements such as metal and wood can combine to form pure sophistication.

A Home Bar Cabined in Comfort


 Keep out the rain or let in your guests – these windows give you the freedom to choose! This little spot is the perfect escape from all the hustle and bustle of modern living.

Outdoor Bliss


Imagine soaking up some sunshine with a nice cold drink in your hand, or peering through this peephole to chat to your friends while you prepare a delicious meal for them. If this idea sounds good to you, then this design will suit you well.

Whichever design you choose, your home bar is guaranteed to supply endless entertainment for you and your guests, so raise a glass to the good times ahead and bring on the fun!


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