How to make your kitchen entertainment friendly with these kitchen design ideas

Kitchen design ideas
Thursday, May 14, 2015

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Have you ever noticed, that when you’re hosting a dinner party everyone always ends up in the kitchen? That’s because kitchens have become the central point of the home, where your guests feel comfortable knowing they’re socializing with you while you prepare dinner instead of letting you do all the hard work alone. To help you make your kitchen more entertainment friendly we’ve put together our five top kitchen design ideas below.


  1. Install a kitchen island – A centered island is a great way to create a gathering area for your guests to sit and feel like they’re part of the action, whilst you use the other half of the island to prepare. Alternatively it also makes a great snack and cocktail bar. 
  2. Create a custom drink station – Whilst you’re busy in the kitchen you won’t always have time to check on your guests drinks, so creating a trendy drinks station is a great way for your guests to be able to help themselves. Make sure that your station includes all the necessities such as glasses, bottle openers, lemon or lime, alcoholic & nonalcoholic beverages and mixes. A great way to keep your drinks cold is to have a small bar fridge at the station, or why not have a fresh pot of coffee brewing so that it’s also ready when desired.
  3. Double ovens improve energy efficiency – If you’re only using one rack and yet heating up the whole oven you’re actually wasting a lot of energy, therefore using a double oven is a great energy efficient appliance with the added bonus of not having to wait too long for it to heat up. You’ll also be able to easily heat up snacks and cook dinner simultaneously, making entertaining that much easier.  
  4. Don’t forget a dishwasher – Having a dishwasher is an entertaining must as you don’t want to waste time washing dishes while your guests are there or spend hours after they’ve left. So rather make life easier and let the dishwasher do the dirty work by adding the dishes as you go to allow yourself more time your guests.
  5. Install a television – If you’re a sports fanatic and entertaining generally revolves around it install a wall-mounted TV in the kitchen. It’ll allow you to keep up with the score and prep at the same time. Don’t forget to also install speakers, that way you can play music during half time to create an atmosphere.

When creating a kitchen that is centred around entertaining and functionality a well thought out design goes a long way in impressing your guests and making your appliances easily accessible for you. Follow these 5 kitchen design ideas for the first steps on how to create an entertainers dream kitchen.  




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