How To Create The Perfect Party Playlist

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Friday, November 11, 2016

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If you’ve recently started planning a party, and want to do all you can to make it as enjoyable as possible, then you definitely need to put a party playlist on your priority list.

Music is a powerful entertaining tool that should never be underestimated – it can either cheer up the mood or dull it down, depending on the songs you choose.

But we know it’s not always easy to know which songs to select and when to play them. That’s why we’ve put together a simple guide to help you create the perfect party playlist.


Create A Fun And Lively Atmosphere With These Great Party Playlist Tips

1.Download A Wide Variety Of Music

When creating a , it’s important to remember that everyone has different tastes in music. So make sure you don’t just stick to one music genre, as this is a sure-fire way to bore your guests. Try to include a good mix of popular chart-toppers, familiar classics and songs that are easy to sing along to. You also want to have enough music to last throughout your party’s duration. A playlist of around 3 hours or more should prevent any repeats.

2.Select Your Playlist Program

There a plenty of playlist programs out there, but we recommend using either Spotify or iTunes. These programs will help you easily organise your music into different categories, and you can download them on your computer or phone.

3.Arrange Your Party Playlist

The easiest way to arrange your music is to organise it into different moods or themes (for example, relaxed, energetic, music to dance to, or sing-alongs). Within each mood or theme, you’ll want to ensure that there is a smooth transition from song to song. Avoid switching from extremely slow-paced songs to songs with fast tempos – otherwise your playlist may seem a bit bipolar.

4.Test Your Party Playlist Before The Guests Arrive

The best way to see if your playlist works or not, is to test it out. So leave it to play in the background while you prepare the food and décor, and listen out for any songs with rude or depressing lyrics – you definitely don’t want to kill the mood with these, so it’s best you remove them.

5.Judge The Mood

You may have the greatest out, but if you don’t know how to read the crowd, then all your playlist planning and preparation will be in vain. So pay close attention to the atmosphere. If you’re picking up a relaxed mood, then play a more mellow arrangement of songs. Or if you notice a rise in energy levels, then make sure you crank up that dance music.

With the help of this simple guide, your party is bound to be a hit! But don’t forget to tell us all about it and fill up our comment box with your fantastic feedback.


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