Become A Braai Master With These 5 Tips

Thursday, September 22, 2016

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If you think that sunny skies, boerewors and beers are all you need to host a good braai, then we’re sorry to say that you’d be mistaken!

Anyone can host a braai, but to host a good braai you need to learn how to cook your meat. It’s not simply a matter of slapping your guests’ food onto the grill – there’s an art to it.

Chewy chops and dry, tasteless steak certainly won’t have your guests hurrying back for seconds. And although we know that it’s not all about the food (for some of us, at least), well-cooked meat will definitely help put your guests in a good mood.

So if you’re feeling like your braai skills need a little brushing up, or if you simply want to learn something new, then be sure to check out the tips below.

5 Tips To Help Bring Out The Braai Master In You

1. Only put your meat on the grill when the coals reach the right temperature. If you can hold your hand over the braai and count to 10, without pulling it away, then you’re ready to begin braaing.

2. Throw a few bay leaves in the fire, or place one or two leaves on your red meat while it’s cooking. This will give it a lovely Mediterranean flavour.

3. If you like your steak to be as tender as possible, then you should only cook it for a few minutes, over a very high heat. To do this, you should gather all the coals together in one spot and place your steak directly over this spot.

4. Make your lamb or pork chops extra tender by squeezing a little lemon juice over them.

5. If you’re cooking a whole chicken, make sure you marinate it first, then wrap it in some tin foil and place it on the braai when the coals are at a medium to low temperature. This will ensure that the chicken cooks evenly – from the inside out.

Now that you know some pretty cool tips, you’re sure to impress your guests with your masterful braai skills!

Do you have any braai tips or techniques of your own? Share them with us by leaving us a few lines in the comment box below.


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