Adorable Valentine’s Day Treats for Classmates

Thursday, February 7, 2019

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Valentine’s Day is the day to show all the special people in your life how much you love them, whether it’s a romantic partner, a friend, or your dog. 

In some parts of the world the tradition on Valentine’s Day at school is that a child takes a little Valentine card or gift in for every other child in their class.

If this is the case at your child’s school – or you just love Valentine's Day and would like an excuse to make some crafty, fun friendship gifts for the children your child spends so much time with – we’ve put together some great ideas for you.


Valentines Confetti Cracker

Use old cardboard toilet roll tubes to make these cute confetti crackers and fill them with  notes, hearts, prizes, or treats.



Main Squeeze Pouches

Do you have a kiddie in crèche? These squeeze and eat pouches are a darling treat for your little ones crèche pals!




Glowing Cupids Arrows

What child doesn’t love a glow stick? These glow arrows are cheap and very simple to make, and are sure to be a hit! Other cute little gifts options are packs of stickers or these cute heart shaped pencil sharpeners. 



Valentine Goldfish

As a healthy alternative to chocolates, these mini cellophane bags of savoury fish shaped crackers are a cute treat for your child’s classmates, or even as a lunch-box surprise. And if you can't get hold of fish shaped crackers you could also use a marshmallow fish to pull this gift idea off.




You Rule Rulers

For a practical gift, personalise rulers with red cardboard and glitter for a useful class Valentines gift.




DIY Cereal Valentines

We think these DIY breakfast cereal boxes are just the cutest especially paired with a personalised spoon.




Butterfly Valentines Cards

Butterfly Valentines Cards - the perfect little gift if you child has a large class and you need something cost effective!



Have you made any cute crafty gifts for Valentines? Please share your clever ideas – we’d love to hear?