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Monday, August 24, 2015

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We all love a good tip every now and then, but when it’s a tip that’ll save us time and make our food taste better that’s one we’ll definitely try out! These 8 amazing cooking tips below will not only impress your loved ones but will save you precious time to spend with them too.   

  1. Make stock in large quantities and freeze it in freezer bags. This will make preparing a soup or meal much easier. All
  2. you’ll need to do is pull the readymade stock bag out of the freezer and voila no preparing is required.   
  3. To remove nasty garlic smells rub your hands on your stainless steel sink for about 30 seconds and then give them a wash. You’ll be amazed at how well this works.
  4. If you need to add a little bit of oil whilst cooking, pour the oil around the edge of the pan. This will ensure that the oil has been heated, before it meets the ingredients in the middle.
  5. Adding oil to a pot of boiling pasta ensures that the pasta doesn’t stick together, however it will also stop the sauce from sticking to it. So rather leave the oil out and add salt.
  6. If you wish to keep basil fresher for longer, add the stems to a glass or bowl of water.
  7. To cook a deliciously tasty steak, flash-fry the fatty rims first. This will leave the flavoursome fat in the pan to cook the rest of the steak in.
  8. Place diced potatoes in a bowl of cold water before you cook them, to keep them brightly white and prevent them from turning grey.
  9. To remove unwanted eggshell pieces in your pan, use another piece of broken eggshell to scoop it up. It works like a charm!

Impress your guests with these 8 useful cooking tips from Franke. But don’t forget share, so that your favourites can enjoy the wonderful benefits too.



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