7 Easy Tips for Springtime Entertaining

Selection of appetisers
Thursday, September 20, 2018

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It’s the time of year when winter winds down the days become warmer. To quote Robin Williams "spring is nature's way of saying let's party."


It’s also the time of year when we begin to invite more friends and family over to our home.  Are you the hostess with the mostess? Or have you always wanted to be but don’t have much experience. Whether you have a casual get together or a spectacular party in mind – what usually makes for the best gatherings are those with good people and happy spirits. So get a date on the calendar and follow our 7 easy steps to entertaining in your home this spring.


1. The Basics

The first step to hosting a get-together at home is to establish the basics.

  • What is the date?
  • How many guests will you invite?
  • What type of party will it be?
  • What is your budget?
  • Will there be music or entertainment?

2. Pre-party Cleaning

Pre-party cleaning may be enough to put you off inviting others to your home but there is no need to be overwhelmed at the thought! A quick tidy and a wipe down of all the surfaces people will see and use, and a more throughout cleaning of the bathroom is all that is needed to create a welcoming environment for your guests.  If there are children coming, don’t forget to put away anything that might get broken or be a choking hazard!


3. Superb Hospitality

Have you ever been at a friend’s house and that feeling comes over you that this evening could go on forever and you wouldn’t mind? You haven’t felt the urge to check your phone and you feel so relaxed. And it happens every time you are here!  True hospitality is subtle – you can’t even pinpoint why you feel this way.

Good hosts are able to make their guests feel welcome and comfortable.

As your guests walk through the door, offer them a place to put their things, something to eat and drink somewhere comfy to do it, and someone to talk to while doing it. This kind of attention will leave your guests feeling pampered.


4. Dining Space

Do you feel you are not able to host friends as you don’t have the biggest dining space? Hosting is all about enjoying food and friends together. Some of the best evenings have been spent with a good group of friends squeezed into the tiniest of flats enjoying some delicious food, a good old catch up and a few glasses of wine.

5. Feeding your Guests

Whether you’re hosting a sit down dinner or something more casual like a braai, it’s a good idea to have bowls of snacks or small platters set around for your guests to nibble at. For main dishes – cook dishes that are simple to prepare ahead of time and dishes you’ve successfully cooked before. 


6. Decorating Details

One week before your party, consider your decorations; outside lighting or fairy lights to light up a pathway and table decorations. If you are entertaining outdoors, consider buying some bright melamine plates which will add a festive feel to the table and also won’t break when being passed around.

7. Prepare the Kitchen

It’s inevitable that you will end up with a messy greasy kitchen by the end of the night – but don’t stress too much – many used plates and dishes are surely a sign of a wonderful time! The best tip to prepare for the inevitable mess in the kitchen is to make sure your dishwasher is empty before guests arrive and kitchen countertops clear of any non-essentials.


Do you have some good tips for entertaining at home to share?  We’d love to hear from you!