5 Ways to Refresh Your Homeschooling Routine

Wednesday, May 19, 2021

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Homeschooling for most of us has become quite commonplace for about the last year or so. Looking back, we remember the drastic changes we needed to make, in order to find a suitable workaround for assisting with our children's education as well as our own hectic work schedules. Those plans probably involved getting some sort of resemblance of a classroom somewhere in the house, and then, of course, finding that routine for everyone that helped get you through the day! However, that routine you came up with whilst preparing for those deadlines at work may be in need of a refresher. If you are in need of some ideas, why not find out more with some handy tips below!


5 Ways to Refresh Your Homeschooling Routine


1. Review

Review the year and identify what has worked well and what hasn't and make adjustments. Is the learning environment supportive of a creative and focused school day? Is the curriculum working for your child's learning style? Have you achieved the goals set out for your child's development?


2. Expand

Expand your child's knowledge and experiences by arranging outings to places that will be insightful and educational. You could gather other homeschooling mom's/dad's and arrange a trip to a bakery, the fire station, or your nearest botanical gardens, for a few ideas.


3. Add Joy

Add joy to your child's school day by including an activity that he/she loves e.g. painting, playing in the garden, colouring in, swimming, kicking a ball. Make sure to schedule this in.


4. Get Help

Consider getting help from others. You could hire a tutor, even for a temporary time, to see how they teach and identify techniques you can learn from, especially with the subjects you or your child are battling with. Your child may enjoy the change in routine and different teaching styles.


5. Build Your Relationship

Remember, this is a great opportunity to build your relationship with your child. Your child needs you more as their mother/father than as their teacher. If your child can relax and play with you then they will be more inclined to want to listen and learn from you. Enjoy your time together. Sit and read a book together while sipping on a warm cup of cocoa, or another favourite drink/treat that your child loves.



Enjoy putting these ideas into action, we are sure your children will too!