5 Tips to Host the Perfect National Heritage, Braai Day

Braai Day
Wednesday, September 16, 2015

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With Heritage Day just around the corner, we’re starting to get excited for one of our favourite South African traditions, dubbed ‘Braai Day’. It’s a festive occasion, where we call on our loved ones and invite them to share our wonderful South African heritage, by having a braai in the in the sun (we hope). To make it a day our ancestors would be proud of we’ve put together our top 5 braai day tips below.

1. What is the weather doing this Braai Day?

The weather in spring can often be a little unpredictable, so before you plan your Heritage Day Braai, check the weather report. If its sunny skies its full steam ahead, but if there’s a chance of rain you may need to look for a venue with enough cover to avoid the weather putting a damper on your braai day.

2. When it comes to hosting a Braai Day, preparation is everything!

Don’t be the host that’s too busy preparing, to enjoy the conversations at the braai. The beauty with braaing, is that most of the preparation can be done beforehand, allowing you the opportunity to sit back and enjoy the company.

  1. Marinade the meat and have the potato bake ready the night before.
  2. Place the drinks in the fridge when you wake up so they nice and chilled when the first guest walks in.
  3. Have the snacks ready on the tables beforehand so all you have to do is remove the cling wrap.
  4. The fire can easily be built earlier in the day, so that all that is required is the flick of a match to get it going.

3. Heritage Day requires a little bit of Heritage

To truly represent our wonderful heritage there MUST be a South African flag hanging somewhere, either in your home or around the braai. This is probably the most important, factor (well besides the actual braai of course) for a Heritage Day Braai.

4. Set the scene with your favourite South African songs this Braai Day

To go all out and set a great mood, have a cd ready with the SA national anthem and a few of your favourite songs, like Kurt Darren’s ‘Loslappie’ or Chumbawamba’s ‘I get knocked down’. Your guests will be dancing and singing along in no time.

5. Don’t forget some delicious South African nibbles

If there are two things that South African’s are famous for, it’s braaing & making sure there are some well-loved snacks served that you just can’t get anywhere else in the world. So don’t forget to have these South Africa treats ready and waiting for your braai day; Nik Naks, Biltong, Koeksisters & Vetkoeks. Just like oupa and ouma remember it!

Follow our tips above and you’ll be sure to have a fabulous Heritage, Braai Day celebration to remember. Happy Heritage month everybody.


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