4 Coffee Gadgets To Bring Out Your Inner Barista

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

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Image courtesy of Chevanon Photography

Are you the type of person who is easily lured into a restaurant by the smell of freshly ground coffee? Do you enjoy experimenting with different blends in an attempt to create the perfect cuppa? Has the act of drinking coffee become a sacred ritual for you?

Perhaps it’s time to embrace your inner Barista and explore a few clever coffee gadgets that will take your passion for coffee to the next level. Check out these 4 awesome inventions for people that take their coffee seriously.


DRIPO Cold Brew Coffee Maker By Gosh!

Image: www.travelaway.me

If you want to experience coffee in a whole new way, then we suggest you try out this cold brew coffee maker! Following current coffee trends, this gadget produces a refreshingly icy and aromatic cuppa using the Japanese style of making slow-drip coffee.

Milk Frother By Jura

Image: www.cafelatstore.com

Whether you’re making a luxuriously creamy latte or a delicious cappuccino, this handy coffee gadget is every Barista’s best friend.

Cappuccino Art Stencils By Aerolatte

Image: www.aerolatte.com

Latte art may not be your forte, but don’t let that stop you from using your coffee cup as your canvas. Dust a little cocoa powder or chocolate icing over these cappuccino art stencils, and you’ll have picture-perfect creations in an instant!

Coffee Joulies

Image: www.joulies.com

Is your coffee always too hot or too cold? We’ve found a coffee gadget that even Goldie locks would approve of! Plop a Joulie into your coffee cup to keep it at the perfect temperature!

Did any of these 4 coffee gadgets pique your interest? We’d love to know which ones you’d use and why. So leave us a comment in the box below and share your thoughts.

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